Baldness: why it happens and how to treat it naturally

People usually lose around 100 hairs a day, according to Mayo Clinic. However, the total volume is not reduced because, at the same time, other new hair grows. Baldness begins when that cycle is altered or when the follicle is destroyed.

There are multiple factors that can trigger this. It is true that it can affect anyone, but it is common knowledge that those who suffer the most are men

In this article you will find more information about the causes of baldness and some natural remedies to keep it under control.

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Causes of baldness

According to Mayo Clinic, hair loss is usually related to these factors:

  • Family history of baldness

The most frequent reason is the hereditary disorder called male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. It usually manifests itself with age and in predictable patterns. In men, it is evidenced by the well-known entries-capillary line in retreat-or with hairless regions. In women, it is observed in a reduction of the thickness of the hair.

  • Hormonal changes and medical disorders

ANDPregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid problems are some of the hormonal changes that can lead to baldness. Among the medical disorders are alopecia areata – hair loss in the form of patches – and infections of the scalp.

  • Medications and supplements

Some medications include hair loss side effects.

  • Stressful events

After going through a very stressful episode, some people begin to notice a reduction in hair thickness. In this case, it is temporary.

  • Certain hair styles and treatments

Hairstyles that pull a lot of hair, treatments with hot oil and permanent hair can cause hair loss before inflammation of the follicles. In these cases, the loss may be final.


– Avoid tight hairstyles such as braids, runners or horsetails.

– Avoid twisting your hair, rubbing it or pulling it roughly.

– Wash and brush gently. Hair pulls can be avoided with a wide tooth comb.

– Avoid harmful treatments, such as the use of curling irons, irons, hot oil treatments and perms.

– Protects hair from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light.

– Evita smoke. Diverse studies he hasn demonstrated a relationship between smoking and baldness among men.

Natural medicine

Aloe vera: extrae the crystal of a leaf of aloe. With the help of a mortar, crush this gel until a homogeneous substance is obtained. Apply it on the head and massage for 10 minutes. Cover with a cap and let it act for one hour.

Egg honey with egg yolk: andIn a container, mix both ingredients and stir until you have a uniform mixture. TOApply on the scalp in the form of massage for 10 minutes. Cget a bath cap and let it act for 30 minutes. ANDRinse with cold water.

Guásimo: In a container, place water and two pieces of guasimo bark and let boil. When this happens, Take the crust out of the water. You will see that there is a gelatinous substance that you must apply to the scalp with the help of a glove. Massage in circles for 10 minutes.

Do you know other natural remedies to treat baldness? Tell us in the comments.

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