Balasana: the yoga posture that relaxes you to the maximum and will make you sleep like a baby

If you have already tried the butterfly pose or the chair pose, or if you simply want to start yoga with a simple pose that helps you achieve maximum relaxation, here is one that is simply perfect. It’s called a balasana, or child’s pose, and is ideal to help you relax and sleep better. Oh, and it’s also a candidate for the list of yoga poses that help you lose weight. You need her.

The balasana is one of the most relaxing and restorative. Also known as a child’s pose, it is a resting pose practiced in the fetal position. Its main focus is aimed at work the thighs and it is also useful for relieve tension of back, shoulders, neck and hips. The gravitational pull of your entire body is what provides great s feeling of physical, mental and emotional relief. It is great to relax after a hard day and improve your sleep and rest.

How do you do the balasana pose?

The balasana is one of the simplest asanas yoga and at the same time more comforting that you can practice. All you have to do is position yourself sitting on your calves, flex the hips, support the torso on the floor and place the forehead on the mat. You can place your arms at the sides of the body or stretch them forward.

If you want to promote a state of mind of maximum relaxation, let your arms rest with the palms facing up at the sides. Feel your spine stretch. Close your eyes, regulate your breathing and help achieve a very deep level of relaxation. It really is like getting into the fetal position on your stomach, more or less.

It is very important to find a comfortable position and in which you feel good. It is a relaxation posture that helps you combat stress and fatigue. Both mental and physical. Stay in it for a few minutes and then be careful when getting up. Do it little by little to avoid dizziness.

The importance of breathing

Control of breathing is an important element of a child’s posture. Since the intake and expulsion of air is usually an involuntary action and not a conscious choice, the balasana gives us the opportunity to do so from the back of the torso. Imagine that your spine lengthens and widens with each inhalation. As you exhale, fully immerse yourself in a state of maximum relaxation, allowing the stretch to release a little more tension with each breath. Concentrate on your breathing to eliminate possible distractions.

Lots of benefits

The goal is for your forehead to touch the ground in front of you while your buttocks remain in contact with your heels. If you get tired doing it, you can sit back on your heels during your performance and place a thick folded blanket between the back of the thighs and the calves.

The benefits of the child’s posture with many and varied. Thus, it releases tension in the back, shoulders and chest helping to relieve stress and anxiety. You will sleep much better, you will see. It is especially recommended if you have dizziness or fatigue. Improves posture of the spine and relieves neck and back pain. In addition, it stabilizes circulation throughout the body and stretches the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the knee. Benefits for body and mind.

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