Baddha Konasana (or bound angle): the yoga pose to drop hips and get a flat stomach

If you want to get started in yoga, here is a perfect posture for its simplicity and usefulness. It is called Baddha Konasana and is also known as the Bound Angle Pose. It is slightly related to Sukhasana or even Apanasana, although it is easier to perform than this. You will have immense benefits and it is also a fantastic position to introduce you in the exciting world of yoga.

How to Do Baddha Konasana Right

You will be surprised how easy it is to do Baddha Konasana well. The first thing you have to do is sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you and then lift the pelvis with a block or blanket if your hips are tight. Bend your knees and pull the feet as close to the pelvis as possible, with the soles of the feet touching each other. Drop your knees to the ground and bring your feet together. With the index, middle, and thumb fingers of your hand, grasp the big toes of each foot. Stretch your whole body towards the ground. And that’s it!

The goal of the pose is to put your knees on the ground and your head in front of your feet with your torso flat on your legs. But don’t worry: there is no need for this to happen overnight. As far as you go. If you practice it daily, you will see how little by little you are achieving perfection. Stand in Baddha Konasana between one and five minutes. Or for a minimum of 20 breaths. And always relaxed.

The Benefits of Bound Angle Pose

It seems incredible that something so simple can bring so many benefits. For a start, strengthens and improves flexibility on the inner thighs, groin, and knees. It also helps prepare hips and groin for meditative sitting postures, which require more flexibility in these areas. That’s why it’s a great initiation pose.

Another of the virtues of Baddha Konasana is that it contributes to soothe menstrual discomfort and digestive discomfort while stimulating the abdominal organs, potentially improving the health of the ovaries, prostate, kidneys, and bladder. From the spiritual plane, the texts say that the posture opens the groin area helping to relieve sexual inhibitions and guilt.