Avocado and canned sandwiches: these Seat employees have become healthier

Healthy snacks with whole grain bread and avocado, fresh cheese, vegetables and canned fish. This has been the diet that 300 Seat employees based in Barcelona have followed for six months with which they managed to lose weight thanks, in part, to replace the traditional lunch of sandwiches made with sausages and refined flours by most beneficial ingredients for health.

Within the framework of a study in which scientists from the American Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and the Hospital Clínic have participated, among other collaborating companies, it has been shown that the physical, mental and emotional health of these workers, a sample of people without serious illnesses and with 44 years on average, It has improved by promoting a Mediterranean diet in the work environment accompanied by physical exercise.

Within the project 'MedCARS', as well as the 'experiment' in which Seat has participated and which will be published soon in a scientific journal has been baptized, it has been achieved reduce cardiovascular risk factors and improve sleep quality, the mental and emotional health of the study participants, as explained by the car brand through a press release and collects Europa Press. A change in eating habits with which it was also possible to lower body weight and reduce the volume of the waist of the members of the sample.

During the period of time in which the 'experiment' was conducted, one of the two groups of 300 volunteers who participated was given medical advice and feeding guidelines to change their eating habits, promote sports and achieve better nutrition. Thirty grams of nuts a day, a healthy snack in your workday (made with whole wheat bread, avocado, fresh cheese, vegetables or preserves) and the presence of olivia oil in the diet, along with discounts in supermarkets and 'green' offers in vending machines, were some of the keys that led to changes in the health status of employees.

While one of the two groups in the sample, consisting of 300 workers located in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), with parity between men and women, continued their eating habits without introducing changes; The other group, coming from the Free Zone of Barcelona, ​​implemented canbs in their habits to promote the Mediterranean diet and included physical exercise as a regular activity in their day-to-day activities. As a result, he also measured his sleep quality and mental health by having dietary and psychological assistance by specialists.

In this regard, the Director of Health, Safety and Emergency of Seat, Patricia Such, has stated in the presentation of the study that "the hypothesis of demonstrating that adherence to the Mediterranean diet and healthy habits improves workers' health ", and therefore, that of the majority of society could be improved. The study has allowed to collect the world's largest microbiome database, that set of bacteria that naturally inhabits the body of each person, associated with an intervention with a Mediterranean diet and has achieved that the majority of workers who have tried to introduce the healthy snack in their daily diet want to maintain that eating habit in the lunch time.