Australia reported no new COVID-19 cases for six days

Australia has managed this week to leave zero coronavirus infections throughout its territory, which has opened the possibility of starting a travel bubble with the Pacific islands, official sources reported this Thursday (21.01.2021).

"Today we have six days out of seven with zero cases (of COVID-19) in Australia"Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt told reporters in Melbourne (southeast).

These results are given after the state of New South Wales, the most populous in Australia and four days without infections, overcome an outbreak that was detected in mid-December on the beaches of northern Sydney, which forced the confinement of some 250,000 inhabitants for at least two weeks.

For its part, the state of Victoria, the epicenter of the second wave of COVID-19 that broke out at the end of last June and forced some 5 million inhabitants of the city of Melbourne to confine for the second time between July and November, accumulates 15 days without infection, after a contagion from Sydney.

Also, the state of Queensland has been infection-free for ten days After the three-day confinement of the 2.8 million inhabitants of Brisbane, the third most populous city in the country after Sydney and Melbourne, after a worker in a quarantine center was infected with a new highly contagious strain.

Though some of the interstate travel is still prohibitedThese are beginning to rise cautiously, but international borders, closed since last March with certain exceptions, will probably continue to be closed until the end of the year, although the majority of the population is vaccinated.

This has led the authorities to consider the potential creation of a travel bubble with the Pacific islands if the medical advisers agree.

"If the Pacific countries are able to show that they are at the lowest risk level – and they are doing extraordinarily well – and we are able to put the right protections in place, then we might as well expand that bubble."said Minister Hunt.

At present, Australia only has a travel agreement that allows New Zealand residents to enter freely since last October, although upon their return they must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Hunt's comments come after New South Wales Head of Government Gladys Berejiklian said that "There is no reason why we should not aspire to travel to New Zealand or some of the Pacific islands in the next few months"according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The oceanic country, which hosts the Australian Open between February 8 and 21 despite the coronavirus, has accumulated some 28,750 infections since the beginning of the pandemic, which includes 909 deaths, and less than 200 active cases.