At what time is it better to do intermittent fasting?

Surely if you start thinking, surely you know someone who has done (or is thinking about doing) intermittent fasting. Together with the ketogenic diet, these two eating plans have become -casiviral for lovers of the latest dietary trends.

While it is true that intermittent fasting has many detractors, those who practice it swear that it is beneficial to unexpected points, and not just for lose weight.

In the event that you do not know exactly how intermittent fasting is carried out, we give you light in two simple steps: this process consists of dividing the time into two periods, one in which food can be consumed and another, in which you can't eat anything, although you can drink coffee, tea and water. During the time when you can eat, in theory, you can feed on whatever you want, which is why it is the perfect plan for many people. It's simple: adapt the fast to your schedule and go ahead.

Although we must recognize that the intermittent fasting is not for everyone since it can be very hard if you are from the spersonas who feel the need to peck during the day or if you have suffered some kind of eating disorder.


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Although it is not for all audiences, it can become your ally to lose weight adapting it to your personal needs. The best? There is not a single type of fasting, but there are several patterns you can follow. And we tell you the most recurring.

Method 16: 8

This intermittent fasting method consists of fasting for 16 hours and reducing the hours in which you can eat food for 8 hours. For many people this schedule means not eating anything after dinner and skipping breakfast. You could eat from 12 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon.

Does this option help you lose weight? It could work, but there is very little scientific evidence to confirm it. Of course, this alternative helps control your appetite.

5: 2 method

To follow this meal plan, you must eat normally for 5 days and the remaining two days of the week cut 20% of calorie intake. This would be reduced to that for two days a week, you should only consume 500 calories a day. Does he lose weight? Yes, studies show that this form of fasting helps you lose weight.

Alternating days

It is one of the most carried out, but you have to know how to do it. Fasting takes place on intermittent days. There are many versions of this form of fasting, some of them allow the intake of 500 calories on the days of fasting, and others advise that it is best to eat very few or even zero calories on the days of fasting.

Variable fast

This method involves a complete fast for 24 hours once or twice a week. For example, you can have dinner at 6 pm and fast until 6 pm the next day. You could do this once or twice a week, but not in a row.

Method 14:10

It is similar to the 16: 8 method, but it involves fasting for 14 hours and eating for 10. It is somewhat simpler to carry out, but it may be less effective when it comes to losing weight.

Since the fasting time is short and, more or less, follows the eating pattern of people, it can be difficult to lose weight with this type of diet.

The warrior's diet

It is the most different from those mentioned above, since most of the calories are ingested at night. Created by Ori Hofmekler It is about eating small portions of raw fruits and vegetables during the day and then eating dinner at night copiously with a margin of four hours. Although this method does not end with fasting, evening meals have to be based on the Paleo diet, so it is more complicated than other types of fasting. If you manage to reach a caloric deficit, it can trigger a great weight loss.

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