At the house of the journalist and presenter Ainhoa ​​Arbizu: the deco keys of her cozy, minimalist and functional home

The journalist and presenter Ainhoa ​​Arbizu opens the doors of her house wide for us and lets us immerse ourselves in his most personal universe. The warmth fills every corner of a functional and minimalist home, where each piece has its own role. The Nordic style merges with natural and sustainable materials, light floods everything and together with light and neutral tones it visually expands spaces and vintage pieces and antiques sneak in, such as flowers or photos, in the form of details. . Of course, there are two undisputed protagonists who make the difference in Ainhoa ​​Arbizu’s house: the books and drawings of his son Leo.

Mujerhoy: How would you define the style of your house?

Ainhoa ​​Arbizu: The first thing we wanted to achieve was to create a warm and welcoming home. Something functional, minimalist. With light colors to enhance the light. An aesthetic space full of memories, photos, trips, books, Leo toys and good energy.

MH: What have you been inspired by and what did you want to convey with this decoration?

I have always liked the Nordic style. In addition, I am passionate about interior design (I follow many accounts out of curiosity). Clarity, natural materials and create a welcoming energy. pilla It seemed to me that it brought all this together with its functionality, sustainability, universality, and design. In addition, they are furniture with durability in case we change the space later. I have always known them from Barcelona. They just opened a store in Madrid (wonderful by the way) and I was clear that I wanted to go hand in hand with them in this new stage. eye! That I also like antiques and vintage furniture.

MH: What does your home say about you?

Much. Everything. It is full of details, memories, trips. Motorcycles, lots of motorcycles. Books. Fashion. Floors. And especially Leo. Children’s drawings, paintings, photos together (also of family and friends), candles, flowers, art… and love. Lots of love. Arriving at our home implies being in a place where we feel comfortable and where we like to be.

“I like to see Leo sitting in the ‘thinking corner’ reading next to the Lovers of the Polar Circle painting,” Ainhoa ​​Arbizu tells us. / luca lopez

MH: What is your favorite corner, the one that you have treated with the most care when decorating your house?

I really like the living room with that painting of “The eye of the universe” by David Brush on top of the Gracia chaise longue sofa, also by Pilma (I love its design and especially how comfortable it is). And the Epure shelves full of books! But I also like to see Leo sitting in the “thinking corner” reading next to the Lovers of the Arctic Circle painting.

MH: What turns a house into a home?

Obviously, love. The good energy. Also the details. And the good times lived. Design for me is important. It captivates me. But all that is to enjoy and live it.

MH: What is the most special piece or detail?

Pilma’s Epure shelf and Leo’s paintings from when he was 3 and a half years old.

MH: And the one that you keep with special affection (something from your childhood, from your family, a special gift…)?

Millions of Leo’s drawings, lots of letters and photos of my favorite people, the Planet D award I received for directing and producing my documentary ANIMUS, memories of motorcycles, candles, but above all Leo I keep almost everything!

MH: Your favorite piece of furniture?

Pilma’s Epure shelf full of books.

Ainhoa ​​Arbizu’s favorite pieces of furniture in the new decoration of her home are the Gracia chaise longue sofa and the Epure bookcase, both by Pilma. / luca lopez

MH: Books have a leading role in your living room. What do you think about the growing trend of using them only as decoration?

Well that’s a shame. The books are there to read, live and feel. And also, then, decorate. It is true that it is one of the things that I like the most to be given (along with flowers and candles) and that I like to give the most. There are some that I haven’t been able to complete or even start yet. But many have been with me since I was young and most of them I have read or even reread.

MH: Never say never, but… to what style, trend or deco piece, at the moment, do you say no and why?

Any fuchsia or excessively bizarre furniture. Colored walls or curtains. I like sobriety and simplicity.

MH: What is never missing in your house?

A good white wine and good music.

MH: Has the pandemic and all the time we’ve had to stay at home changed your idea of ​​home?

I missed having a terrace. This time we have moved with another series of priorities but I do not rule out that we could have a terrace (or some garden) in our next destination.

MH: Are you one of those who like to receive at home or do you prefer to be a guest?

I really enjoy being a guest at my friends’ houses but starting in 2022 I have set out to be a better hostess and spend more time at home with friends.

*Credits: decoration and design of furniture, lighting and carpets, Pilma. Painting «The eye of the universe», by David Brush. Makeup and hairdressing: Xenia Tió. Styling: Pedro del Hierro. Plant and tulips: Colvin.

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