At last! There is a device that ends menstrual pain

Rule. That dreaded moment of the month (for some) where gut, lumbar and body aches take hold of us. There is no way to master it or treat it to give us a truce. Pain relievers, heat bags, massages in the area. At least for two days we are under the sheets in a vegetative state (more or less).

All this, coupled with the fact that we do not want anything other than chocolate and ultra-processed (here we explain why before the rule, we tend to eat more) makes them not exactly the best moments of the month. But it seems that now there is a solution to all our problems: it is a device called Livia That promises to solve our tummy aches.

It looks like a music player, but nothing is further from reality; it is a wireless device designed by Israeli doctors that prevents menstrual and premenstrual pain from reaching our brain. How? Surely if you have gone to the physiotherapist, the dynamics sounds like you. The gadget releases electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves.

According to its creator, Bari Kaplan, "Livia uses a method to relieve pain that does not involve drug use. The idea is to 'close the doors of pain'." And, Livia has been created to cushion 80% of the pain that women feel during these days.

The device has two keys that at its ends have electrodes that adhere to the skin. They should be placed in areas where there is more pain. The best? That it is you who regulates the intensity of the impulses with the device.

It seems to be a more than feasible solution (and much less dangerous than others, such as marijuana buffer) for the rule, which in addition to normalizing it, has the objective of consuming fewer drugs during these days, since it is treated of something that happens once a month and not sporadically, so finding an alternative to deal with pain other than medicines is more than an advance.

Would you dare to try it?

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