At 72 years old and without legs, he has planted more than 17,000 trees

Ma Sanxiao shows us that problems can stop being difficult if we change our perspective.

Last update: 08 September, 2021

The conditions in which the place we live is found determines our well-being, therefore, we must take care of our environment as if it were a loving relationship. And is that respecting the environment is a gift to the earth, like many of the fruits it gives us, at the same time that it is a guarantee to live in a better world.

Today, we have seen the various effects of mistreatment of nature, pollution and deforestation. However, there are still good people who regardless of difficulties, do everything possible to preserve the glorious spaces of our lands.

Ma Sanxiao is a 72-year-old Chinese man who has made a great impact with his story. A living proof of love, dedication and dedication to the environment. Let us know the footprint you are leaving from your home.

Ma was 20 years old when he decided to train to participate in military espionage with the troops in Fuijan province. Nevertheless, life completely changed its course when three years after training he suffered an infection. According to the Daily Mail, one of the media that reported the case, the Chinese military man was on a mission when going through this health panorama, where the infection was complicated.

It was a sepsis that, according to the WHO, "is a complication that occurs when the body produces an abnormal, unbalanced immune response to an infection." This situation affected him so much that at just 25 years of age, in 1974, he was forced to retire. But this did not mean the end of his life and his work on earth. Suffering from sepsis was the impulse he had to work as a teacher and farmer. This is how he has saved an entire forest at 72 years old.

Saving a forest: the consequence of a disease

Sepsis progressed over time, so Ma's body underwent radical changes. In 1984, the veteran's right leg had severe swelling that a year later had to be amputated in the lower part. The same symptom later appeared with his left limb, and despite all the efforts his family made to collect money, attend to the problem in time and avoid surgery, finally his other leg also had to be amputated in 2004.

This was the scenario that prompted Ma to dedicate her time to the trees. And this was the option he found to pay the debts for his treatment, generating an impact on the news that allowed him to receive financial support from the government.

Already more than 20 years have passed since Ma Sanxiao put all his energy into planting trees, an activity that according to China News, starts at 5 in the morning, just before dawn. So far, more than 17,000 trees have been added that extend on a mountain that was abandoned and that have formed a large forest.

A retribution to the universe

For Ma, planting crops is her way of thanking society and the government for all the support they gave her. Thus, each of his days are spent in this place that was a kind of desert near his home. To get around, he uses a means of transport such as a motorcycle called a “tuk tuk”, in addition to using prostheses during his transfer.

The routine of the old man when he arrives at the site, begins by removing the prostheses, putting on the gloves and crawling with his tools to the planting site. There is no greater display of love and care for nature and the environment. Let people like Ma multiply!