AstraZeneca suspends trials of its COVID-19 vaccine for safety reasons

The Swedish-British Laboratory AstraZeneca suspends vaccine trials against he COVID-19. The reason? One of the volunteers to receive the first doses has shown contraindications. For security reasons, testing has stopped.

The tests ran in phase 3. What does this mean? Implies that more than a thousand volunteers they had tried that treatment successfully. Also, that there had been a success of more than 91% in the recovery and overcoming of the disease.

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A vaccine that they planned to distribute in Latin America

Furthermore, at a very economical price: only four dollars. The intention was to distribute it at the price of production. An agreement had been signed from Argentina with AstraZeneca to produce it in the region and market it in South America.

On Argentine soil, production would be in charge of the Mabxiencue laboratory, of the Insud Group which belongs to Hugo Sigman. However, for now the tests of this treatment are stopped until verifying exactly what happened in the trials.

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One stoppage between three and up to four weeks

This vaccine had been announced by the Argentine government. However, now you have doubts about this work. It happens that, when there are problems in the tests of a medicine, it is necessary to review what happened.

The protocol states at least 3 and up to 4 weeks to review what happened. It is known that a volunteer showed an adverse reaction, so it is appropriate to review everything in detail.

In this case, the first thing is that suspends work with volunteers. The new vaccine cannot be tested further until the situation is clarified.

Various speculations about what happened

For a few months, claimed that the Oxford vaccine was capable of activating the immune system. It must be taken into account that this treatment is carried out between Oxford scientists and the AstraZeneca folks.

When problems arise among volunteers, four are raised different scenarios. Such scenarios are as follows:

Not related: that the volunteer has shown a problem unrelated to the vaccine.

Possibly related.

Probably related.

Yes it is related.

If the last option is confirmed, then it is possible that the this treatment option is stopped. It must be considered that this injection plans to be done in a massive way, so it cannot be used without full safety.

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Other countries are also making progress on this issue. For example, it happens that China claims to have developed coronavirus vaccine. Similarly, the Russians make similar assertions. However, no treatment has passed medical checks in full.

Will we have a vaccine against the coronavirus? Humanity has managed to find the treatment for other pandemics, such as the plague bubonic or smallpox. It's a matter of time. Some problems will present themselves, but we can surely make it happen.