Ashwagandha: the natural supplement you need to incorporate into your life if you want to eliminate stress

Confess, you are a big fan of natural remediesYou use essential oils to massage yourself while you shower, yoga breaths have no secrets for you and a GABA supplement is never missing on your nightstand in case of insomnia. But what do you do when the stress problem gets out of hand? In case you need to try something more forceful than Valerian from India an ancient remedy arrives: the root of aswagandha.

This plant contains active ingredients that travel directly to our brain helping to calm him down, which is why in the West it is widely advertised as a natural remedy against spring asthenia although different studies have also found that It has anti-inflammatory action and also influences blood pressure. But let's go to what matters to us: your ability to stop chronic stress from bothering us.

Different investigations have verified that ingesting 240 mg of ashwagandha root extract every day (for two months) makes chronic stress symptoms improve. Another option that has also been shown to be effective is taking 300 mg of root extract daily for a month. to achieve the same results. In both cases it is not recommended to continue with this supplementation for more than three months.


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Furthermore, due to its action on the immune and nervous systems, the ashwagandha root it is not suitable for everyone. People with thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and hypertension should refrain from taking it. And sorry if you are pregnant and stressed this is not your remedy either.

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