Arugula: it looks like lettuce but it isn’t… and it provides a wonderful source of vitamin C and potassium

If you are looking for the vegetable with the least calories, you have already found it: it is arugula. Do not hesitate: it is one of those superfoods that you should include in your diet because it will help you a lot in your fight against weight and many more things. The mizuna is its “evolution”, in case you are looking for something more exotic. But if you want to keep the original, you will find a wonder for your dishes and your body.

The truth is that the popularity of arugula is due to two indivisible factors: its health benefits and taste. This delicious vegetable is a food rich in nutrients high in fiber and phytochemicals. It is low in sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and fat. In return, it is high in several vital nutrients. Incredible true?

Source of calcium, vitamin C, potassium and more

Arugula is rich in calcium, which helps the blood to clot normally. It is also necessary for the bone healthand teeth, muscle function and nerve function. In addition, this vegetable is a source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant It helps support the immune system. It is essential for the health of tissues and the absorption of iron from food.

Few foods have as many nutrients as arugula. One of the most interesting is potassium, a mineral and electrolyte vital for the function of c heart and nerves. It also helps the muscles contract normally. Potassium helps reduce the negative effects of sodium, and for this reason it may also be beneficial for people with high blood pressure. And more nutrients from arugula: folate, vitamin K, vitamin A …

Flavor for your salads

Unlike many vegetables used in salads, arugula has a more subtle flavor. Many chefs around the world find that its spicy crunch adds salad style and other cold dishes. Like parsley, it can be chewed to help fight strong breath. In addition, you can to combine with other types of vegetables and greens without any problem.

How to use arugula in the kitchen

Its most common use is as a main ingredient for salads. Arugula makes an excellent base for rich and sophisticated salad recipes. Try adding cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken and walnuts with arugula for a very simple dish to prepare, rich in protein and low in calories. The shape and flavor of the arugula leaf also make it an interesting addition to citrus fruit and berry salads.

However, don’t stick with arugula as an exclusive item in hearty salads. That would be too restrictive with such a versatile food. Thus, this unique vegetable can also be used as a healthy supplement in p izzas, nachos or sandwiches. Or as an alternative to basil to make pesto hot or cold. This recipe uses arugula, parmesan and pine nuts to succulent results.

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