Art and health: 5 benefits that painting has for your life

Almost all children enjoy painting. It's an activity they do to entertain themselves, almost naturally. However, have you ever thought that very few adults practice it?

Beyond those who dedicate themselves to this artistic expression, most people do not dedicate time to that activity that, for sure, they once practiced as a child. The truth is that this may have to do with what is associated with painting something unproductive

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However, that is not so. Many scientific studies have associated the artistic activity of painting with enormous benefits for health and life in general.

After reading them, you will want to dust off the old pencils and watercolors and get down to work.

Benefits to be painted for health

1. Improve your communication skills

Surely you have ever had that feeling of needing to get some feeling out and not knowing how. Especially if it's about complex feelings or emotions that you have trouble understanding.

Art in general, and painting in particular, are incredible tools to achieve externalize that type of emotions. When you paint, brain areas different from those you use when you function in your normal life are activated.

Therefore, painting can be a powerful tool to integrate your thoughts and, above all, to express them.

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2. Train the brain

We said that performing an active artistic activity different areas of your brain. That is precisely why painting is a great activity to train it. Remember that gray matter works like a muscle, that it needs training to perform better.

So, painting often not only enhances your artistic ability. It also helps you develop lateral thinking, creativity applied to work and daily life, and logical reasoning.

3. Increase your self-esteem

Creating a work with your own hands can be one of the best ways to increase your self-esteem. The feeling of achievement that generates seeing something that you are proud of, or that you simply enjoyed doing, represents a great incentive for self-esteem and happiness.

In addition, it is particularly recommended for people with dependency problems, who can discover through painting that they are capable of doing great things.

4. It benefits the motor

Even if you think that you can not, the truth is that everything is practiced, learned and mastered. Yes, maybe you're not going to be a Picasso, but that's not what you want, is it?

The truth is that, if you start painting frequently, you will discover that your motor skills gradually begin to be fine-tuned. After a while practicing the painting you may notice improvements in any other discipline that requires fine motor skills.

It is partly why painting is so beneficial for children and also for older adults do not lose the ability to handle their hands, but everyone helps to adjust and fine-tune the motor.

5. Develop emotional intelligence

Surely you know well that emotional intelligence is as important as logic, since the people who develop it learn to communicate better with others and to coexist in the world.

Visualization and relaxation obtained through painting are tools that can help develop emotional intelligence. This is because it allows you to connect with your own feelings and emotions from another place.

Painting is a true form of meditation!

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Now that you know its benefits, do not you want to start painting more often?

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