Argan oil: what are its properties, benefits and what is it for?

Most of the vegetable oils they are known as good or bad, depending on their properties. Some of them are so generous that they can be consumed and applied to the skin and hair. Contrary to Palm oil, that of argan contains in its ingredients already known benefits, making a great difference and positioning itself in daily consumption. In fact, it is known as "liquid gold" for its many applications. It has been used for centuries, but where is it obtained and what is it really used for?

Despite being talked about in the kitchen as well as in cosmetology, the process of obtaining it is different. The Argan oil for cosmetics it is extracted from the pressure exerted on the seeds of the argan tree, whereas for the edible its almonds must be roasted. It is originally from Morocco, because it is only cultivated in that area and, since 1998, it is a world heritage site. Its properties have been known since ancient times and have been shown to contribute in various ways.

Argan oil benefits and properties

Its constitution is rich in different vitamins, as the TO, the K and the AND, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that contribute to its natural conservation. Each of its moisturizing properties make it an excellent friend for both skin and hair and health in general. However, for an individual to obtain benefits from its use, it must not be one hundred percent pure. The softness of its smell, the lightness and the color, very translucent gold, of the liquid allows us to identify the purity of its components.

Excellent hydration to the skin

Its application in different industrial products has been due to its excellent results. It can be mixed with other oils or natural dermocosmetics, but not with other organic products that affect its purity. Argan oil applies easily and safely, since it will not have impacts on the skin, or hair, because it is of natural origin. Generally, it is very low cost, durable, and readily available in health food stores. And best of all, it is not sticky at all and absorbs very quickly.

What is argan oil for?

• In the kitchen, argan oil contributes to the digestive process, prevents cardiovascular diseases and reduce hypertension. It includes anticancer consumables in its composition.

• It is beneficial to use it in skin masks, as it has a very high hydration and nutrition capacity. It contributes to the prevention of wrinkles and other unwanted aging, in fact it is present in anti-aging treatments. A few drops of the liquid gold will multiply the elasticity of the skin.

• In irritations, sun conditions or inflations, argan oil is allowed, because it has a unique calming effect.

• Although it is believed that it only works for the face, it can definitely be applied to the whole body. The mostly dry and rough parts, such as elbows and feet, will be softened thanks to its vitamins and minerals. In addition, by having an elasticity multiplying effect on the skin, it considerably reduces the possibility of having stretch marks.

• Its high capacity to regenerate skin tissue and softness, allows it to be an excellent ally for a baby's skin and hair. Regenerates your tissues, relieves discomfort of redness and gives shine to your dermis.

• With its use as a topical treatment it is possible to reduce acne, since it has fungicidal and bactericidal components. It even removes scars and other skin diseases.

• Regarding the hair, It contributes against dandruff and mistreatment due to excessive use of heat. Revitalizes, rejuvenates and adds shine to each strand.

• Provides an aid for people who have brittle nails, as it strengthens them considerably.

How to use argan oil?

There is no exact way to use argan oil in the world of beauty, as it can be in masks or simply applying drops in different parts of the body and hair. Its nutrients with deep hydration give it the ability to be a vital ally to maintain and protect them from any harmful agents. Many of its benefits are even compared to coconut oil. And, as we mentioned earlier, it should not necessarily be pure, but added to other products.

Argan oil contributes to the elasticity of the skin

For hair or hair

The main role of argan oil is found in the magic it does with hair. Its concentration of vitamins and antioxidants gives it the ability to soften, revitalize and strengthen the strands damaged by any chemical. However, it is not only worth the intention, but it must be used frequently to see good results. The application must be continuous, since the mane also needs the same, or greater, attention than the skin. Pay attention to the following tricks!

• Before showering, place it all over the hair without leaving a strand on the outside, up to the ends and massage lightly. Take a towel and wrap the hair. Finally, after 30 minutes, shampoo. You will notice a brilliant change in your dry and fragile hair!

• After you have washed your hair, use argan oil as a mask. While it is still wet, place several drops in the palm of your hand and distribute, evenly. From roots to ends to give elasticity and shine. Do not forget to massage the entire scalp to eradicate any injuries present and leave it for at least ten minutes.

• If you think you have unruly hair, applying a little argan oil as a detangler is not unreasonable. In addition, for those who use their hair down, it will give luminosity and a look of deep hydration.

Argan oil face masks

Now, argan oil is not only used on hair, as we have already mentioned. Provides elasticity and anti-aging protection to the skin, which also allows it to demonstrate its excellent properties to beautify the footl. Follow the advice and I assure you, you will see quick and delightful results!

• Its ability to absorb fat allows it to be an ally for people who suffer from very oily skin. Therefore, rinse your face, it is advisable to do it with a mildly invasive soap; Put three drops of argan oil on the areas you want to clean and use circular motions. You will notice that the oil will absorb completely. Do this routine at night every night and remove in the morning.

• If you have acne, or other pimples, do not hesitate to take a cotton ball, or swab, and moisten it with a little argan oil. Apply it on the affected area and remove it, with cold water, after 20 minutes. To get a good result you should do it twice a day.

• For those people who suffer from "crow's feet" argan oil also works. You should only Echat drops of argan oil on your fingertips and place them on them. Although it seems very simple, it will help you control them.

Argan oil is obtained by traditional means, which means that it does not pollute the environment. Use it frequently!