Are you team Gwyneth Paltrow and lemon water or do you trust Miranda Kerr and her apple cider vinegar more? We know which of the two is better (to take on an empty stomach)

Candles with a vagina smell and a separate orgasm, in detox matter, the famous with the queens of the party. All the tricks are known to show off more beautiful skin, a less bloated belly, even anti-cellulite shakes are made (such as Alessandra Ambrosio) to take care of yourself from the inside and to be appreciated on the outside. One of the great unknowns in healthy and fasting as soon as we get up is always, Water with lemon? or apple cider vinegar?

Actually, the first thought that comes to mind as soon as we get up is always "I hope the lottery has touched us" but since we do 15 minutes of restorative yoga in the morning, we have embraced a kind of holistic, Zen and toothy life in the "wellness" (all very Gwyneth, why deny it), which has led to this existential doubt. What concoction is best to start the day all purified, deflated and with a lot of energy?

Lemon water VS Apple cider vinegar

The creator of 'The Goop Lab' is an unconditional fan of fasting morning lemon water for its cleansing effects, but there are many more reasons to take it:

-It is an 'boost' of energy for the immune system (and reinforces it): vitamin C and ascorbic acid in lemon help prevent colds and better absorption of iron.

-Lemon is alkalizing, so it helps keep pH balanced and will prevent you from getting sick easily.

-Lemon water is a natural diuretic, helps to eliminate toxins and prevents fluid retention if you take it every day. But not only that, it also improves digestion, since by consuming warm water with lemon, we stimulate the intestinal tract. For the skin it is also beneficial since it brings luminosity to the dull face due to lack of hydration.

Miranda Kerr was also a faithful follower of lemon water (with all those promises, who wouldn't be?) Until she moved on to Apple vinager. Something similar happened to Jennifer Aniston, who since she tried this home remedy, does not want to see a lemon or paint. But let's go back to Miranda, the model recently confessed why she had changed her morning routine, "In the past I used to start the day with hot lemon water. I realized that it is very alkalizing and that's great. But when you need to digest food, you need to stimulate gastric juices. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is good for that. You feel like it cleanses you, "he said. Here is the question: if you go to breakfast immediately afterwards, it is best to take apple cider vinegar, however, if you wait several hours for breakfast, you do not eat breakfast or if you do intermittent fasting (a few drops of lemon do not break fasting), the best option is the lemon water.

Than benefits of apple cider vinegar?

It is low in calories, which can aid weight loss. Like lemon water, it is alkaline, however, apple cider vinegar is special because it helps regulate glucose and insulin levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it contains acetic acid, which has powerful biological effects due to fermentation (making it also a good probiotic).

What team are you? Everything will depend on the properties you want to benefit from … Although we warn, being two acidic ingredients we must be careful with the ingredients and always consult a professional first.

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