Are you hungry all the time?

At the beginning of a diet of weight loss, and even without doing a special diet, many times we get a feeling of hunger and anxiety to eat that is not satiated throughout the day so we spend eating and pecking all day. This makes us feel guilty and that, in addition to not losing weight, we even gain weight. If you want to know why you may be feeling hungry all the time, take note of these five possible causes.


You have distractions while eating

You will have heard about slow food or mindul eating, ways to pay full attention during the act of eating and enjoy the moment slowly and calmly to improve digestion, reduce stress and eat less. Well, if you do the opposite and eat in front of the TV or while working with your computer, Most likely, you will eat without realizing it and your brain cannot send a message of satiety. Since, according to science, you need about 20 minutes of intake to start feeling full.

If you pay attention to what you eat, the way you eat and enjoy your dish, your brain will be focused only on that activity, you will eat less and in a healthier way. Do the test.


You're thirsty

Yes, this phenomenon is really curious because the brain can confuse the signal of thirst with that of hunger and many times you can believe that you have the imperative need to eat when in reality what your body has is thirst. When you feel like bingeing and assaulting the fridge first drink a glass or two of water and wait a few minutes to see if you feel like it. You will be surprised how many times that uncontrollable craving is simply thirst.


You do not sleep well

Not sleeping does not only lead to loss of energy and tiredness, it is also closely related to weight control. If you don't get enough rest, your ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels will increase so you will be very hungry the next day for that hormonal mismatch. However, if you ensure a good rest, your levels of ghrelin (satiety hormone) will increase, which will prevent you from itching between the next day. This is why it is said that sleeping badly makes you fat.


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You have a lot of stress

Although it is important to have certain levels of stress as an ally to maintain physical integrity and adapt to a rhythm and some vital circumstances, having excess stress is devastating to health and of course to maintain the figure.

An excess of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, will cause anxiety that will make you eat more, also hormonal imbalances and weight gain by increasing insulin resistance by decreasing the efficient use of glucose, that is, it will make you fat. Try to stay as Zen as possible so that your mental health and your silhouette do not suffer.


You eat too many simple carbohydrates

The more simple carbohydrates you consume, such as industrial pastries, sugars, refined flours … the more the body will ask for them because it is proven to create addiction. They are foods with a high glycemic index that what they do is to pass the blood sugar very quickly causing insulin spikes. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas to eliminate that excess glucose and what it does is store it in the form of fat (in your cartridge or michelín surely) and start again because it is a vicious circle. The body will ask you more once the blood glucose stabilizes causing anxiety and more desire to eat in a short space of time because they are foods that do not satisfy for a long time. Try to stop eating sugar, refined flours and ultraprocessed foods and choose vegetables, healthy fats and quality protein which, in addition to having a high nutritional value, are satiating and will make you not bite between hours without stopping.

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