Are you going to eat out this weekend? Tricks not to skip the diet

It's Friday. And with them weekend plans. We do not know how we do it, but leisure is always sitting around the table. And it always ends in wines, peanuts, croquettes, patatas bravas, and if things get longer … in glasses. And what do we do if we are on a diet? No go out? Stay at home? If you want to lose weight and you feel tempted to sin when it's time to go out to dinner, there are some tricks you can do to not wipe out everything, feel bad afterwards and be scared when you see the scale on Monday.

So there are no surprises and with the aim that you eat healthy and forget about strict diets, there are some tricks that you can carry out to keep you in line, even when the exits are set against you.


Chop something before going out

It is the first step you must follow if you want to choose the healthiest options. Never, but never, go out to eat starving. You will eat with more anxiety, you will choose worse and then you will feel more bloated. Before leaving home, eat a piece of fruit, such as an apple or a hard-boiled egg. That way you will not be so hungry and you will avoid unnecessary bingeing.

Look at the menu before going to the restaurant

Make sure you have healthy and tasty options before going to the restaurant in particular. How can you do it? Looking before the letter and especially, choosing what you are going to eat before going to the restaurant. You will never go hungry when you go out to eat, so focus on your plate, forget the starters and above all, the canapés if it is some kind of celebration. Oh, and the bread. Your worst enemy: freshly baked and placed on that white plate right next to you, you must make your heart try to resist.

What do I drink? Water

The best thing you can do is drink a glass of water before leaving home and another immediately upon arriving at the site. Forget the sugary drinks and if you get something more special, ask for sparkling water and a slice of lemon. Drinking water helps your appetite decrease and you will feel more satiated.

The garnish is the key

The side dishes are served after the meat or fish in question, so you're always in time to order your plate with a garnish of vegetables or salad before the chips touch your plate. It is a difficult decision, we know it, but you must do it.

Forget the dessert and go to the cafe

The carrot cake makes you eyes. The tiramisu too. And you're thinking about incorporating a scoop of ice cream into your life. Do not think about it, you want a coffee with milk. Or a single coffee with ice. You will not really regret it. Keep in mind that especially the desserts have refined flours and empty sugars that do not do the organ any favors.

And most importantly, do not do it "so as not to skip your diet" but for your health. Choosing the healthiest (and also wealthiest) option is doing yourself a favor. We mean it, and if you sin, do not be discouraged: enjoy it and return to your healthy life. Remember that what really matters is 95% of the time.

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