Are you addicted to sugar? Experts reveal the tricks to break the cycle

The rule of 21 days It applies to everything. Many experts agree that to change a habit it takes 21 days, whether to play sports, wake up earlier and now also, overcome the addition to sugar "The only way to break the cycle and forget your sweet cravings is to completely eliminate sugar for 21 days," says the Daily Mail, nutritionist and coach Leisa Cockayne.

The expert also explains that people who have a sugar addition They have great energy drops during the day, and another indicator that you are addicted is your mood.

‘When you are addicted to sugar, like any other addition, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet the need. No matter how satisfied you are, you will always crave more sweet products. "

The nutritionist, who has programs of sugar detoxificationIt also reveals that the only way to break the cycle is to cut it completely for 21 days.

How to recognize if you are sugar addictHow can you break the cycle and what effect does sugar have on your body?

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How sugar affects us

When we eat sugary foods they quickly become glucose and therefore our blood sugar soars. "The insulin is produced to level blood sugar, but as it balances it will end up eliminating excess sugar in the blood, which ends up becoming a low blood sugar, "reveals Leisa.

'As soon as our brain detects a low blood sugar level, it quickly goes into mode'panic'and demands more glucose, which causes a craving for something else that quickly provides sugar, such as candy, orna chocolate bar or industrial bakery. "

The telltale signs of an addition

If you are emotional or anxious, Leisa says this could be a indicator of we are addicted to sugar. "‘ In addition to cravings and energy depression, another sign of being addicted to sugar is your emotional reaction to what you just ate. "

"An excess of sugar consumption can make you feel guilty after being aware of what we have eaten. This roller coaster of high and low sugar also has a negative impact on our hormones. For some it can be represented with lethargy, others may It can induce feelings of anxiety.

"Constant sleep will also be part of your life if you are addicted."

How to stop the sugar addition cycle

"The only real way to stop sugar cravings It is to stop feeding them. Every time you have a craving and eat something sugary to satisfy it, you are choosing a temporary but not lasting solution. "

"The more sugar you eat, the more you will yearn for it. However, if you do not fall into vice, it will begin to weaken more and more until it disappears completely."

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Cheat your cravings

An option to start treating this addition is fool your body So you think you will have sugar soon, or use other strong flavors to meet that need.

Convince yourself that you will eat something sweet in 10 minutes, and then repeat this process until the craving fades.

"Keep in mind your eating habits and try to begin to recognize if it is because you have hunger or craving sugar"advises the nutritionist.

"Being prepared for cravings can be the difference between success and failure when you try to reduce the sugar in your diet." Another tip may be to drink herbal tea, such as those that contain licorice.

"When you try to leave sugar, it's about cheating and reintroducing other flavors to your diet to 'supply' the need for sugar."

Change your habits

Leisa admits that giving up sugar will be difficult at first, but once you manage to change a bad habit, you can start creating new ones.

"It is about altering your patterns, if you are used to putting two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, reducing them will be difficult the first few days, but just a month you will hardly notice the absence," says the expert.

"By removing the excess sugar from your diet you will decrease the effects of the sugar addition cycle, until it is simply not part of your metabolism, "he adds.

"The best of one sugar detoxification is that once you get it you will no longer feel those impulses, which will allow you to make sensible and healthy nutritional decisions, decisions that will not be based on irrational cravings. "

However, Leisa says that does not mean that she will have to give up sugar forever: "You will not crave it so much, but when you try something sweet you will feel an incredible taste."


Prepare for vulnerable times

Leisa reveals that hunger is your enemy and may be the number one reason why you might fall into temptation.

"The same goes for other vulnerable moments like when you have your period."

Having a balanced and high protein diet will be less likely to look for junk food. If instead, your diet is high in processed foods, your cravings may be the result of a lack of minerals and nutrients in your body.

The benefits of leaving your addition:

"The best thing is the energy you feel when you no longer have the addition." Also according to the expert after a few days you will sleep better and any mood change will stop, since your hormones will be more balanced.

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