Are there really aphrodisiac foods? Apparently we have been deceived all this time

In matters of food, it is common to confuse certain terms: as soon as one becomes fashionable, they don't stop bombarding us with information about it. See examples such as the concept and trends in "superfoods" or the meaning of "détox" diets, words that have ended up acquiring a wrong meaning, proper to marketing rather than nutrition. And something similar to this is precisely what has happened to the term aphrodisiac foods, making us wonder: do they really exist?

The answer is blunt: no. "It is very difficult to attribute the increase in sexual desire and excitement to a food," they explained in one of the last informative posts that the team of professionals at Academia Realfooding has shared on networks. “I am sorry to inform you that there are no aphrodisiac foods as such. Or is it that you feel a great sexual excitement when you have some strawberries for dessert in your town's bar? ”Asked the nutritionist who has opened our eyes with this subject with humor.

How many times have we heard that foods like cinnamon, chocolate or oysters Were they able to put a little spark to a night of passion? Well, although it is true that they have benefits, there is no scientific evidence that they can increase libido. "Rather is due to the suggestion generated by the situation, since at a sexual level it influences more the how, when and with whom it is eaten, than the nutrients of the ingested food ”, explains the expert, citing in the publication scientific studies that support this claim.

"The quintessential aphrodisiac food It is chocolate, and although cocoa has been shown to improve blood flow by increasing vasodilation and reducing arterial stiffness, there is no evidence that it increases sexual desire. An example of this is a study carried out in women in which it has been observed that the intake of chocolate has no positive impact on their sexuality ”.

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And so what can we do to improve sexual desire? Well, although it may seem complicated, the answer is actually simple: "Healthy eating and frequent exercise, along with good healthy habits, they are the best guarantee for good sexual health ”.

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