Are there good and bad foods? Here you have the answer

The vast majority of Food does not really have a "goodness" or "evil" inherent in its chemical composition or structure. However, it is true that there are foods, especially ultra-processed foods, that offer nothing good. For example, an industrial cupcake, full of flour, refined oils and sugar is not a food that will contribute at all to your health, for several reasons:

1. It is poor in nutrients.

2. It is high in calories

3. Has a excessive palatability and a very low satiety index, so you probably eat more than you should.

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In general it would not be a recommended food, but a cupcake, no matter how industrial, is not going to kill you. The anecdotal consumption (low amounts) of ultraprocessed products will not have a significant impact on the organism. That is to say, that the quantity and frequency of consumption, also matter.

To determine more precisely whether a food is suitable or not, we should analyze the following variables:

one. Food ingredients: Does it have quality ingredients? Is it a raw material? What process has it been subjected to?

2. Nutritional composition: Is a food especially rich in any nutrient? What is its nutritional density (nutritional density: does it refer to the amount of nutrients present in a food in relation to its calories)?

3. The frequency of consumption / context of its consumption: How many times a month / year do you consume that food? Is it a special social occasion? What is your motivation to eat that food?

Four. The person who consumes it: Do you play sports? Do you have any metabolic pathology? Are you in a healthy percentage of fat?


All these variables influence that a food is more or less recommended for us. Thus, it is possible that the same food is "good" or "bad" depending on the situation or the person who consumes it. One of the clearest ways to see it is the dreaded white pasta

The white pasta is made with refined flour and is a nutritionally poor food (few nutrients in a considerable amount of calories). In addition, it is usually a little satiating food since it is customary to take as a single dish, without its corresponding garnish of vegetables and protein. In general, we could say that it is not an interesting food for most of the population that, unfortunately, does not do much daily exercise.

On the other hand, for an athlete, white pasta is a highly recommended food, precisely for the same reasons mentioned above: will help you consume the calories and carbohydrates you need for your sports practice, without providing much fiber or satiating excessively.

Same food, different context and different adequacy.

So to summarize we could say that there is no good or bad food, but Foods more or less recommended for each person in each situation.

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