Are the new & # 039; eco-friendly & # 039; toothpastes good for dental health?

The growing concern for carrying a sustainable life has reached almost every aspect of the day to day, including oral hygiene.

It is possible to find innovative and environmentally safe toothpaste formats, such as gels, oils or tablets. These formats are committed to reducing plastic in order to contribute to caring for the environment, but:what is the effectiveness of these sustainable toothpastes compared to conventional ones?

In pill

Is about little pills, usually available in various flavors, that can be chewed to create a lather similar to a traditional toothpaste. The tablet toothpaste format is presented as a more sustainable alternative to the conventional tube and is convenient to transport given its small size.

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About its effectiveness against dental plaque, the orthodontist Patricia Bratos, Based on official dental bodies, it states that none endorses its use nor are there currently scientific studies that test its effectiveness to ensure optimal oral hygiene.

However, toothpastes in tablet form are not expressly contraindicated either. Even so, one thing to keep in mind is that many of them have no fluoride among its components.

In this sense, the dentist indicates that “due to its benefits for the teeth, fluoride is especially recommended by dentists, although it is true that it is possible to find certified toothpastes that do not have it ”.

Another aspect to take into account about this type of pills is that they are usually presented as a vegan product to make it more attractive in the eyes of the consumer. However, they use bactericidal ingredients, that repel bacteria that cause cavities. These types of components are very abrasive to enamel, so their continued and frequent use can lead to irreversible problems of dental wear.

“That is why, if you want to try this option for your oral hygiene, my advice is that read the ingredients before so that your dental health is not compromised in any way, "says the co-founder of the Ferrus & Bratos Dental Clinic.


With characteristics similar to the pills, although with a different format, it is possible to find toothpaste gels.

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Even so, this product usually include a greater amount of natural ingredients, and it is possible to choose between different flavors beyond the characteristic mint of the toothpastes.

"The truth is that, as I pointed out before, there are no studies that contrast its benefits in terms of long-term oral health care, but it is possible to use these products on certain occasions, ”says Dr. Bratos.

They are not advisable

“In the absence of supported studies confirming that they should not be used, they are not expressly discouraged. They can used in a timely manner when we do not have access to other types of utensils or certified hygiene products, such as traditional toothpastes ”, says the orthodontist.

But he concludes in this regard that “even so, we do not advise that cleaning be based unique and exclusively in these new formats”.

Risk to dental health?

Bratos points out that it is possible that, in the long run, hygiene is not so complete as it should if we only use this type of toothpaste, although this claim is not 100% proven.

“However, to enjoy a complete oral cleaning, we always recommend the use of other products: dental floss and mouth rinses. In addition, if we are talking about people who are in the middle of an orthodontic treatment or have dental prostheses, we advise that they incorporate into their hygiene routines the use of the oral irrigator and interproximal or interdental brushes", Add.