Are detox diets useful for cleansing or do they only promise a rebound effect?

With the return to school (in addition to the obvious) also come the regrets about the excesses the summer. The ice cream, the bread and butter and the paellas have all passed their due bill. The extra kilos are noticeable in the pants, according to experts, three more on average after the summer. Come September, reality is a shock and we want to lose what we have gained quickly, without taking into account the possible consequences that it may have for our health. That's where detox diets come in, which supposedly have the goal of purifying the body after periods of poor nutrition. However, many of these plans have a great rebound effect, since the success lies in the minimum intake of calories, either through a certain food, a juice or sometimes, a puree or a porridge.

However, it is necessary to differentiate this type of diet with those based on natural cleansing foods in which there are restrictions, but the caloric count is realistic and the nutrient intake, healthy. However, it is usually the most common. He nutritionist Carlos RĂ­os, creator of the 'realfooding' movement it is very clear that these diets have more cons than pros. What's more, the only pro is the rapid weight loss, which will not be maintained over time once we return to our routine and diet.

"Detox juices are not going to help eliminate toxins or" purify "beyond what our body already does on its own. The human body has developed very sophisticated mechanisms for the elimination of toxins without the need to be based on juices or herbal extracts. We have organs, especially the liver, but also the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, skin and lungs, which play a fundamental role in the excretion of unwanted or waste substances. These organs will detoxify the chemical depending on its nature and its dose, but not on the action of any specific product. Therefore, there is no evidence to support the use of cleansing diets to eliminate toxic substances of the body, "he explains on his social networks.


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The only way to get rid of those extra kilos is to take care of our diet in the long term, "What we can do is take care of our diet, with special attention to increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, spices and other products of plant origin. This group of foods contains bioactive compounds that help us against oxidative stress or inflammation, but it does NOT need to be in the form of juices, since we lose part of the fiber and also the phytonutrients are protected with the food matrix, that is, with the whole food in its natural state, not in a plastic container exposed, for example, directly to sunlight, "he adds in a post on his social networks.

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