Aqualix ® injection for weight loss: how safe is it?

Treatments to remove fat from the body have improved over the years. Today there is the injection of Aqualix ®, a safe and effective alternative.

Last update: October 09, 2021

Many people around the world struggle with the challenge of losing fat in certain places on the body. Accumulations of the substance located on the hips, knees or chin can be very difficult to remove. There are treatments for this, such as the injection of Aqualix ®.

Injection of Aqualix ® was designed by Dr. Pasquale Motolese in 2009 as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. The product is made to eliminate accumulations of fat or adiposity from certain areas of the body quickly.

The effectiveness of these types of compounds is supported by some scientific evidence. In fact, studies claim that treatment is successful in 93.5% of cases. However, the injection should only be applied by specialized medical personnel and certain care must be followed to ensure its effectiveness.

Product characteristics

The Aqualix ® injection, also known as Motolese solution, is a solution based on modified deoxycholic acid compounds. One of the main characteristics of the product is its biocompatibility.

The accumulations of fat in the body are made up of cells called adipocytes. These cells store fat as a reserve energy source. Aqualix ® exerts its function by having a detergent effect on the cells of the fatty tissue, that is, destroying the cell membrane of the adipocytes.

The lymphatic and blood systems will capture the released fat, which will be metabolized and eliminated in the corresponding organs. In this way, the injection of Aqualix ® is especially useful to help lose localized fat.

In general terms, the injection can be applied to all those between 18 and 60 years of age, whose skin has good elasticity. In addition, the adiposities must have a thickness greater than or equal to 1.5 centimeters.

Benefits of the Aqualix ® injection

The main benefit of the Aqualix ® injection is that allows to eliminate localized fat in difficult areas. Most people who cannot eliminate these adiposities through diet and exercise are candidates for treatment.

The results will be visible from the first session. Despite this, people usually need between 2 and 6 sessions to achieve the total elimination of adiposities. The different sessions must have a separation of at least 1 month.

Aqualix ® injection results are permanent, that is, the adipocytes will not grow again, unless they have the conditions to do so. In this way, people must eat a balanced diet and maintain an active lifestyle.

On the other hand, the technique used to administer the Aqualix ® injection has proven to be safe and effective. Some studies show that it is successful in up to 76.7% of cases when combined with the appropriate product.

Localized fat can be difficult to remove if specific treatments are not applied to the affected anatomical area.

How is it the procedure?

The doctor will always indicate the performance of various blood tests before applying the injection of Aqualix ®. The main idea is determine cholesterol and triglyceride levels before treatment, since they will increase after the injection. The increase in cholesterol and triglycerides is normal, due to the destruction of adipocytes.

The product is applied through a specialized technique called intralipotherapy. To do this, people must first lie down on a table and expose the area where the injection will be given. The healthcare staff will then clean the area to remove germs from the skin’s surface.

The doctor will insert a long, thin needle into the subcutaneous tissue. to administer the Aqualix ® solution. The injection must be moved several times parallel to the skin to distribute the product in small amounts throughout the fat accumulation. This technique is completely painless, so the application of anesthesia is not necessary.

At the end of the administration of the Aqualix ® injection, the specialist will place an external mid-frequency ultrasound. Ultrasound it will allow to verify that the product is distributed in an adequate way.

Care after the injection of Aqualix ®

The procedure in question is minimally invasive, so the care after it is not usually so rigorous. In fact, people are able to resume their daily routine at the end of the injection. However, specialists recommend avoiding strenuous activities.

Another recommendation is to apply pressure therapy or use compression stockings during the first days. Pressotherapy will favor the drainage of the treated area and will help reduce edema. People undergoing treatment can also have special massages to increase lymphatic drainage 3 days after the injection.

The area where the Aqualix ® injection was applied should not be exposed to high temperatures in the first days after treatment. Also, people should avoid applying cosmetic products to the treated area for at least 12 hours.

What are the risks?

Aqualix ® injection is a very safe and biocompatible product, so it usually has few side effects. One of the most frequent adverse reactions is a small edema or swelling in the treated area. People may also experience stinging, discomfort, redness, or a sensation of heat.

All the side effects described should go away on their own after a few days. The persistence of the symptoms described must be considered as an alarm sign.

Some people can also develop more severe side effects. One of the most common is severe pain that limits mobility in the body area. Other serious adverse reactions include skin necrosis, tissue fibrosis, and abnormal scarring.. Fortunately, these types of signs are rare.

Contraindications of the injection of Aqualix ®

The product has certain contraindications, despite its safety. First of all, the Aqualix ® injection is only a treatment to eliminate localized fat and improve the shape of the body. So that should not be used as a means to lose weight or lose weight.

Also, not all people are suitable candidates. In this sense, the product is contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • People with kidney or liver disease.
  • Diabetics
  • Presence of hypercholesterolemia.
  • Active skin infections or diseases.
Patients with hypercholesterolemia cannot give this injection because their values ​​would increase further.

An effective treatment with few risks

Aqualix ® injection is a medical treatment whose function is to eliminate adiposity in difficult-to-treat regions. It is a safe and effective option to liposuction and other surgical treatments. As if that were not enough, the process is painless, the recovery is immediate and the side effects are very mild.

People should keep in mind that the product should only be applied by specialized medical personnel. In addition, it has certain contraindications, so it is important to clarify any doubts with the specialist.

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