Apple cider vinegar is all you need to detox after the Christmas excesses (and science approves)

In Anglo-Saxon countries, apple cider vinegar is among the regulars in the list of natural remedies as much as here are valerian and chamomile. So many beneficial qualities are attributed to it that science has investigated some of them And yes, it has been confirmed that it may have a certain capacity to, for example, provide antioxidants to the body of those that we need to fight against free radicals.

But after Christmas what interests us the most is whether it is an effective remedy to make a detox cure Or, at least, help us lose some of the weight we have gained without realizing it. Is apple cider vinegar our post-Christmas hope? Let's see what science says.

Everything apple cider vinegar can do for your diet

The way in which this lifelong remedy works in our body makes it very interesting to influence several of the aspects that concern us most after having gone out of line with food. First, some studies suggest that apple cider vinegar improves our response to insulin and is capable of reducing sugar peaks after meals, even if they include refined carbohydrates. This is important because thanks to it we can prevent “hunger attacks” between meals more easily.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the people who accompanied their food with this type of vinegar responded better to feeling full from the stomach and end up eating less food, saving up to 275 calories per meal.


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And other research, this time in Japan, found that consuming apple cider vinegar daily for three months was associated with greater loss of abdominal fat in dieters. Specifically, those who took a tablespoon a day lost a kilo of abdominal fat and those that consumed two tablespoons gave up 1.7 kg of fat. So is this dressing a good helper if you want to make up for the kilos you gain on vacation? Everything indicates that you do not lose anything by trying … yes, remember that you should not take more than 30 ml a day.

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