Apitherapy: what is alternative therapy based on honey from bees for?

Today, there is a wide variety of therapies that have been developed to prevent and alleviate many diseases. Some of these therapies require specific elements so that they can be applied correctly. The apitherapy; for example, it requires bee venom and has become quite popular in recent years. Is about a therapy that helps the body heal to find wellness.

What is apitherapy?

Apitherapy; Also known as bee therapy, it is known to be a natural treatment that uses elements from bees. In this case, you can use honey, wax, royal jelly, propolis, bee bread, pollen and bee venom. The latter is one of the most important when it comes to these procedures.

According to studies, apitherapy is beneficial, since it is a therapy that helps to heal the body of diseases. Thus achieving that its effectiveness against certain conditions is significantly accelerated. This benefit is achieved through the stimulation of the body's defenses, which in turn, greatly improves people's mood.

However, it is very important to see a specialist before undergoing this or any other alternative treatment. This is because some people may be allergic to the elements used in these types of therapies. If so, it would put people's health and even lives at risk. Also, if you have a specific condition, it is not advisable to try these therapies without the approval of a doctor.

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How is apitherapy applied?

Enter> apitherapy, I know it is a totally personalized therapy. That is, the session will depend on the condition or discomfort that each patient has. However, there are certain rules that all people interested in undergoing this natural treatment must follow.

First of all, the patient must be completely sure that he does not suffer from allergies to bee venom. For this, the specialist in charge of carrying out the procedure must perform several tests to rule out any problems. In these cases, it is recommended visit a allergist before starting the session apitherapy. Bee venom can cause a shock anaphylactic in patients allergic to apitoxin, in severe cases it can lead to death.

Now, after confirming that there is no class of allergy to bee venom, it is time to start treatment. Usually the first session is mainly focused on informing the patient what the procedure consists of. Some specialists offer various products from bees and even certain vitamin supplements. The idea of ​​this is to help the body to support and correctly assimilate the apitoxin during and after the start of the training sessions apitherapy.

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After obtaining all the relevant tests and giving all the necessary information to the patient, it is time to start treatment. For this, the professional will locate the affected area; based on the previous tests and will apply the apitoxin. The most common way to do it is apply the poison directly. That is, take the bee through a special tool and place it on the affected area.

The bee will introduce its stinger in the area indicated by the specialist and will release the apitoxin. Maybe the feeling is not the most pleasant of all, as it will cause a little pain. However, this factor will depend on the pain tolerance of the patient who has undergone this alternative procedure.

On the other hand, it can cause inflammation in the area where the bee introduced its stinger. However, any side effects will be controlled by the specialist so there should not be any problems. Besides, both the dose and the number of apitherapy sessions will depend on the problem to be treated and the positive evolution of the patient.

What disease do bees cure?

In the field of health, apitherapy is very beneficial, this is because it can help heal the body from diseases. ButWhat disease do bees cure?? The truth is that there are many, however, this therapy is widely used to treat chronic pain among others.

Ideal for treating arthritis

Without a doubt, this is one of the main uses of apitherapy when it comes to health. This type of treatment is ideal for relieving pain caused by arthritis. In addition, it serves as an anti-inflammatory, so it helps heal the body by reducing stiffness, pain and inflammation.

Improves the immune system

Some studies have shown positive results in the application of bee venom to improve the immune system. Increases the production of "T" cells, this is ideal to reduce swelling and slow down the response from allergens.

Can be used to treat psoriasis

The application of apitoxin in people suffering from psoriasis helps reduce the negative effects of this skin condition. After several sessions of apitherapy, the psoriasis plaques diminished considerably.

Treatment for frozen shoulder syndrome

This rare condition can cause quite severe pain in the affected shoulder. This is why some specialists apply this treatment with bees to reduce pain and improve the quality of life of the affected person.

Helps prevent and treat some intestinal diseases

It must be remembered that this alternative procedure uses all products derived from bees, it does not focus only on the sting of the bees. In this sense, honey is a food full of benefits for the body and health in general, since it alleviates many diseases. It also provides energy and improves intestinal flow, this calms constipation and prevents gas.

Advantages and disadvantages of apitherapy

As has been mentioned, it is important to see a specialist before applying this type of treatment. The advantages and disadvantages of apitherapy they can vary, so you have to know some of these.

Advantages of apitherapy:

– It is an alternative treatment recommended for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, antitumor, antifungal and euphoric effects.

– As it is a 100% natural procedure, the application of other chemicals that can be harmful to health is not necessary.

– Even people suffering from hypertension can undergo this treatment with bees. However, they should only do so under the approval of a physician.

– Apitoxin has anticoagulant effects, so it can be used to improve the cardiovascular system. This is because it reduces your heart rate.

– It significantly reduces pain, which makes apitherapy an effective treatment in cases of chronic and joint pain.

– It can also be used to reduce stress levels and to calm anxiety.

– Improves metabolism and helps eliminate toxins from the body.


– Some people may have muscle weakness, headache or muscle pain, cough, etc.

– It is not recommended for anyone.

– Certain diseases cannot be treated by this means.

– People with venereal diseases cannot undergo treatment with bees.

– It can cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, insomnia and anxiety.

– Depending on the place and products used, this procedure can be expensive.

Contraindications of apitherapy

Although it is a procedure that is beneficial for curing many diseases, the risks of apitherapy must be borne in mind. It is very important that the patient undergoes several medical tests before starting treatment. Some contraindications of apitherapy are as follows:

– People allergic to bee stings cannot undergo this therapy. Otherwise, you could suffer from anaphylactic shock that can lead to death.

– It is totally contraindicated for women in periods of pregnancy and lactation.

– Patients suffering from tuberculosis, glaucoma, hepatitis, diabetes, angina pectoris, gastric ulcers and sexually transmitted diseases cannot undergo this treatment.

– Completely contraindicated in children and adolescents.

In case of suffering any mishap during the apitherapy session, it is advisable to go to the doctor urgently. The specialist must know perfectly how apitherapy works to apply it correctly.


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