Aphasia: discover what the disease that actor Bruce Willis suffers from is about

A few days ago, the family of Bruce Willisannounced that the 67-year-old actor was retiring from acting, due to a disease known as aphasia. The diagnosis was published through social networks, leaving all his followers very confused. Since many do not know what the disease that this famous Hollywood actor suffers from is about.

The forced withdrawal of Bruce Willis It has generated commotion in the world of cinema and television. Especially, because until now, very little was known about the aphasiabecause its classification enters the neurological diseases more rare.

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The statement that the actor’s daughter made through Instagram | Credits: Instagram Rumer Willis

What is aphasia about?

The aphasia It is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, which can present problems in speaking, writing and even reading. Due to the symptoms of this disease, the actor of American origin, Bruce Willishad to retire from acting.

Normally, the aphasia It originates unexpectedly, it can be after a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) or a strong blow to the head. However, there are times when it occurs progressively due to a brain tumor that develops slowly. Although there are cases in which said disorder is caused by progressive damage or degenerative injury.

What is the cause of the illness that Bruce Willis suffers from?

The disease that affects Bruce Willisknown as aphasiaIt is caused by brain damage. This can be generated by a rupture or blockage of any of the blood vessels found in the brain.

When the brain does not receive adequate blood supply, it causes brain cells to die. In addition, the areas of the brain that are responsible for language control receive damage that can become permanent.

Likewise, a serious injury to the head area, an infection, tumor or degenerative damage, can also be the cause of the disease you are suffering from. Bruce Willis. Sometimes the aphasia it can occur together with other cognitive disorders, for example, confusion or memory loss.

What are the most common symptoms of aphasia?

The disorder that affects Bruce Willis present a series of symptoms that can be easy to identify. However, for the diagnosis of aphasia, several medical tests indicated by a specialist will be necessary. Some of the most common symptoms of this disease are the following:

– People who suffer aphasiaas in the case of Bruce Willis, they can only speak in fairly short sentences. Sometimes two or three words can be the limit, in addition, these sentences are usually very simple, those with greater complexity being impossible.

– In general, patients say sentences or words, which usually do not make any sense.

– Aphasia causes the affected person to substitute a phrase or a sound for a totally different one.

– Sometimes, the words said by someone with aphasia can become strange and difficult to recognize, they even lack any linguistic context.

– Trouble understanding what other people say.

– Written words also lack meaning.

How many types of aphasia are there?

So far, several types of aphasiahowever, the one suffered by the actor Bruce Willis, has not yet been released. Next, we will show you what the three most common types of aphasia are.

expressive aphasia

Also known as aphasia broca or non-fluent, patients suffering from this type of disorder can understand very well, but they find it difficult to express themselves. The only sentences that people suffering from this disease can express are quite short, sometimes omitting the words.

A very clear example of this type of aphasia, is that people could say “I want food”, instead of “I want food”, “I want to eat” or “I am hungry”. So they know what they need, but have great trouble expressing it correctly.

Depending on the severity of the aphasia, the patient may have weakness or paralysis on their right side. It could also cause a great annoyance or a great frustration, due to not being able to freely say what he wants.

comprehensive aphasia

This is another pattern of this disease, also called Wenicke’s aphasia, a little different from the previous one. In this case, the affected person can express himself fluently, with longer sentences and even more difficult to pronounce. However, they are meaningless and some of the words are not correct or become difficult to recognize.

In other words, these people have serious problems understanding spoken language and the worst thing is that they are not able to realize that other people do not understand. Some say possibly Bruce Willis suffer from this type of aphasia, however, his family did not publish this information.

overall aphasia

Finally, global aphasia, considered the most difficult of all, since the symptoms are usually more complex. Its main characteristic is that it prevents the affected person from understanding what she says or expresses. Similarly, you cannot form phrases or words that are recognizable by the person listening.

This type of cognitive disorder occurs due to significant damage to the language networks found in the brain. Those affected by this disorder present important comprehension disabilities and, above all, expression.

What is the treatment for aphasia?

Although aphasia is among the classification of incurable neurological diseases, it can be treated depending on its type. If the damage to the brain is not serious, the patient has a good chance of recovering their ability to express themselves without specific treatment.

However, there are many cases of patients who are treated with speech and language therapies. This to try to recover the skills lost due to this disorder or complement current communication experiences.

Nowadays, several studies have been carried out to implement a series of drugs and thus combat the disease that he suffers from. Bruce Willis. Either alone or combined with various speech therapies and thus help overcome this disorder.

Keep in mind that recovering language ability can be a fairly slow process. Although it is true that a large percentage of patients with this type of cognitive disorder make significant progress, very few manage to fully recover. In other words, it is very difficult for the affected person to be able to communicate as she had been doing before suffering from this disease.

Similarly, experimental treatments are beginning to be introduced as a treatment for aphasia. It involves electrical stimulation of the brain, combined with speech therapy. Although the results obtained have been very good, it is still an experimental treatment, therefore, it needs more tests.

When did aphasia begin to be noticed in Bruce Willis?

Although many were surprised by the news of the withdrawal of Bruce Willis of the performance, others already had clues of what was happening with the actor. A large part of the filmmakers who worked with the actor in recent years realized that something was not right.

Some assure that the actor presented many complications when saying his lines. So the producers ordered to shorten the original script to adapt it again, but even so, the protagonist of the protégé still having problems. There were times when she gave the impression that Bruce Willis I was not fully aware of the recording environment.

The movie director “white-elephant“Jesse Johnson assured that he noticed a significant change in Willis when he started shooting the film. Johnson said that he didn’t seem like the actor he knew a long time ago, that he gave the impression of being someone other than the one the director remembered.

Even several of the people who made up were on the set of the film, they noticed something strange in the American actor. On one occasion, Willis said that she knew why they were there (on the set) but she didn’t know what he was doing there. Something that, without a doubt, left everyone surprised and at the same time, alarmed.

Johnson also expressed that among all the members of the team they made the decision not to shoot another film of white-elephant. The reason was more than obvious, since working with the actor in that situation made things very complicated.

Although Willis’s family has not made any further publications regarding the actor’s aphasia, his fans hope that he can recover.

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