Apanasana, the yoga posture you need to end back pain and improve circulation

There are several classic yoga postures. Everyone knows the sun salutation or has practiced the mountain pose even without knowing its name. Like the chair posture, the one you can now read improves your back and also favors a better circulation, among other benefits. Suitable for beginners, Apanasana is a pose for everyone and almost for everything.

How to do the apanasana

Without at doubt it is one of the simplest yoga postures and you can practice it at any time. The first thing you have to do is lie down face up with shoulders and back touching the ground. Next, straighten your left leg and then bring your left foot back and close to the knee.

You must bring your r right odilla towards the center of your chest or towards the armpit area. Hug her. Use your biceps to pull while keeping your neck and shoulder very relaxed. Make sure your shoulders are spread across the front of his chest. You must feel the small of your back pressing against the ground. Each time you inhale, notice how your belly presses against the thigh.

One of the secrets of this posture is the great withdrawal of the body that it provides. Most of the back of the trunk should be in contact with the mat. Keep your knees up and bring them well to the thorax while leaving the feet very relaxed. Avoid tensions, everything should be natural and fluid.

The incredible benefits of this yoga pose

Practicing apanasana benefits lower back and pelvis by providing a good stretch and stabilizing that area, helping to reduce eventual back pain. It also benefits people with high blood pressure and calms you down if you go through periods of excess anger, excitement, and anxiety.

People with knee problems should avoid grabbing their knee or shin; instead, they may opt for an alternative, such as s hold your hamstring of the bent leg. Correctly following all the apanasana steps mentioned above helps to avoid setbacks or injuries. This will also help you achieve the maximum benefits while practicing yoga.

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