Anxiety about consuming sweets: how to overcome this problem?

Every human being is biologically programmed to eat foods that are high in glucose, used for energy and for vital functions to occur properly.

The problem occurs when consuming sweets becomes obsessive, which could be caused by high levels of anxiety. Maintaining control of this problem is usually complicated, and that is why it is necessary to learn how to overcome a situation like that.

What is craving for sweets about?

The organs that make up the human body require glucose to perform their functions properly. Therefore, if there are low levels of sugar in the blood, the body will try to find foods with a lot of glucose. In order to recover energy and so that the most vital functions are maintained.

However, faced with a situation of craving for sweets, the body is not able to tell the difference between healthy foods, or those that are highly processed. Due to these levels of anxiety, people choose the option of consuming candies, pastries, chocolate and all kinds of sweets, which are foods with excessive amounts of sugar; and therefore highly harmful.

When people suffer from this kind of anxiety, they usually use the excuse of low glucose to eat more sweets. The right thing to do would be to eat healthier foods such as fruits, which are foods that have a good glucose level, but it is totally natural.

A abusive intake of sugary products will cause an increase in dopamine within the brain, making the person feel well-being. When this increase in dopamine occurs, the experience will be very pleasant for that person. And in this way you will consume sweets repeatedly. In the long term, the brain will associate this feeling of well-being with the consumption of sugar, very similar to what happens with the consumption of drugs.

Therefore, it is possible to say that sugar generates effects in the brain that are very similar to those produced by drugs. At first, when you ingest sweets it may seem that it is somewhat controlled, but later you want more. Little by little the person gives in to the cravings, which occur more and more frequently. Apart from the fact that the body begins to tolerate glucose much more, and it will take a greater amount to feel satisfied.

Is craving for sweets it is not simply an inconvenience that generates the abuse of these products. It also brings with it the development of serious health problems such as being overweight, diabetes, a weak immune system, heart disease. And added to that, attention to things decreases significantly, also accompanied by a lot of apathy.

Causes of craving for sweets

There are occasions where people go to the consumption of sweets, due to strong emotional problems, and not because of the real desire to consume sugar. Within the culture of the human being, there is the idea that to cope with love breakups you should eat chocolate or there is also the belief that it is better to eat a lot of ice cream to overcome love problems.

In other words, by eating this kind of food it is believed that it is possible to fill this emotional void, having the idea that eating a lot of sweets will alleviate this discomfort. However, the problem begins when an addiction to sugary industrial products develops, causing that after having eaten the first sweet, the desire to consume more increases. What falls into constant anxiety behavior.

What is peculiar about a circumstance like this is that further away from facing emotional problems, consuming sugar excessively could lead to depression. And not only that, it could also cause other kinds of psychological conditions to develop.

Another thing that could be related to the appearance of the craving for sweets, is having gone through a very restrictive diet, in which carbohydrate intake is normally deprived. It could also be that this kind of anxiety is due to constant boredom. Leading the person to develop compulsive behavior for checking the pantry, just for doing something at that particular moment.

How do you control your craving for sweets?

Since the craving for sweets It has become a very frequent problem among people, there are many strategies that help to cope with it. Between the tips and the most recommended measures to overcome this problem are:

Keep your mind distracted

As already mentioned, there are times when anxiety is caused by a constant state of boredom. The urge you feel to eat something simply comes and goes, regardless of whether you consume the sweets or not.

Because of this, the best way to avoid the temptations of sugary products is to keep your mind occupied. And as far as possible, be as far from the kitchen as possible. Good ways to get your mind busy are watching a movie, reading books, or even going for a walk.

Be aware of emotions

That state of craving for sweets It is not something that appears without reason. There is always something that works as a trigger for that anxiety to appear. And many of the times they are trying to cope with an emotional problem. Therefore, it will be necessary to learn to be aware of emotions, which are related to wanting to eat sugar.

At the first thought of wanting to eat candy, you will have to ask yourself the reason for that need. Once that question has been answered, the problem could be approached in another way.

Physical activity

An excellent exercise routine is something that should always be present in the day to day. Sports help lower stress levels. In addition to that, they increase mood, allowing endorphins to be released and inducing a feeling of well-being. Likewise, exercising helps reduce the need for sweets.

Healthy nutrition

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they want to give up sweets, is following very restrictive diets. Not only is it dangerous for the body, since nutrient levels drop drastically, but it is not sustainable.

The best alternative is to have good eating habits, following a healthier diet, with real and correctly balanced foods.

To meditate

Practicing meditation is very useful when it comes to maintaining impulse control. This is because through these practices consciousness is worked, and one learns what the true needs are. Although it is something a bit difficult to do, it would not be a bad idea to implement it.

Be more attentive to labels

Being more aware of the sugar content of the products you buy is a good way to overcome this kind of anxiety. Many products that claim to be sugar-free actually do, and in fairly large quantities. By properly identifying foods that contain added sugar, it will be easier to learn how to substitute for ones without sweeteners. And a great benefit that is also used in this situation is to progressively detoxify the body.

Drink more water

There are times where it is craving for sweets it is due to the confusion between hunger and thirst. When a lot of fluids are ingested, the stomach will be full and the desire to eat will be significantly reduced. It is necessary to bear in mind that for this option, you should only drink water or some herbal infusion that has a sweet taste. Such as chamomile tea, avoiding adding sugar or even honey.

Eating healthier sweets

In the event that attempts to avoid consuming sweets are not working, an excellent way to progressively do so is by consuming healthier sweets. The natural or healthy sweets are all those that do not contain added sugar. Examples of this are chocolate with a higher cocoa content, dehydrated fruits, whole fruits or also nuts.

Among the sweetest and most delicious fruits are bananas, strawberries, melon or apples. The varieties are wide, and they are the best delicacies of natural origin. Besides that they have a lot of fiber, a higher water content and help to satisfy hunger.

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Foods that decrease cravings for sweets

Those foods that have natural sugar are a good supply of glucose for the body. But another important effect that they produce is that they do not generate addiction.


It is a delicious food and it has many carbohydrates, its high amount of fiber helps to absorb carbohydrates little by little. Thus maintaining the balance of glucose within the blood. Features like these are critical when it comes to beating the craving for sweets, especially if the seeds are also eaten.

Pumpkin seeds are truly nutritious and help support cardiovascular health. Which is an effect of great importance when it comes to serious anxiety states.

Even though squash is normally eaten when cooked, it is also good to eat it raw if grated for a salad. But if you prefer cooked, an excellent way to take advantage of it is by preparing creams. Another excellent way to eat them is to cut it into slices and prepare it baked, along with a touch of cinnamon to enhance the sweetness.

Sweet potato

There are many varieties of sweet potato, but each one has a slightly sweet taste. It has many natural sugars, but it is not something to worry about, since it also has a lot of fiber. Pectin specifically helps the absorption of sugar to be much slower. Being very useful to reduce those anxiety levels and avoid eating sweets.

It is recommended to consume sweet potato more than everything in the morning or as a complement within meals.


Although it is a spice, it has excellent properties that help fight type two diabetes. Helping to significantly lower the sugar found in the blood, and delaying the emptying of the stomach.

In this way, the rise in glucose that normally occurs a few moments after eating is avoided. As elevations in glucose occur, the craving for sweets and that is something that has to be avoided.

There are many ways to use cinnamon in meals, but one of the best is to consume it on an empty stomach combined with a little honey.


Source: Healthline

It is a food that has carbohydrates and, once they are digested, they turn into sugar. As with the pumpkin, the carbohydrates They will be absorbed gradually, thus avoiding sugar spikes.

To consume it, it is preferable that it is always raw. Preparing the carrot as a juice combining it with apple or orange, helps to get more out of its benefits. Another good idea is to grate it and use it in salads, or as part of a garnish.


This is a plant that comes from Paraguay and has been gaining a lot of popularity, since it is used as a sweetener of natural origin. This is due to the various benefits it has, such as maintaining control of glucose within the blood. But not only that, it has no calories, which makes it a perfect food to alleviate states of craving for sweets.

The use of stevia is very simple, since it serves to give that sweet touch to drinks without resorting to processed sugar. Therefore, it will not be necessary to choose to consume another class of products with large amounts of sugar.


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