Andalusia prepares to double its ICU beds in operating rooms with no activity

It's time to more risk in Andalusia throughout the pandemic: when you are more likely to become infected with the virus and with saturated hospitals. Therefore, the Andalusian Government finalizes the deployment at the end of the week of calling plan 7,500, which provides for the provision of exactly that number of extra beds for hospital admissions. He will use all the means at his disposal to achieve this. The current occupancy data for patients with covid is scary, since it is close to 30%, a figure that in Health undoubtedly qualifies as "alarming" or "worrying".

Hospitals will be able to resist this rate of admission for a few more days

The Andalusian council that directs Jesus Aguirre activates all the mechanisms, it warns, in the face of a possible scenario of just 7,500 patients admitted as a result of the coronavirus, a figure that has never been reached in Andalusia, as the peak was in November with 3,500 patients. In previous waves he did not even imagine it was possible to touch. According to the Board's report, this situation could be reached at the end of this week. Andalusia would go from having 13,532 conventional beds and 1,462 available ICUs to 15,385 and 2,622 respectively. Intensive care beds will add in 532 operating rooms without surgical activity.

The Andalusian Government has taken into account the income in the two previous waves to plan a number of beds to add in each province. The two peaks in care were recorded on March 30 (2,708 hospitalized) and on November 10 (3,478). Right now, there are already 4,119 hospitalizations, 570 in the ICU. A record number.

New record in third wave with 591 coronavirus deaths reported in one day

Ana Maria Rodriguez

The Board has private healthcare resources, of public buildings such as free time residences or youth hostels and of Hotels with which agreements have been signed to use their beds. In addition, Salud will bet on thes home hospitalizations for chronically ill patients with heart ailments or, for example, lung diseases, explained the Health Minister, Jesús Aguirre. The Board plan also provides patient transfers between provinces, from Cádiz to Seville and from Malaga to Córdoba and Almería.

Deprogramming operations

In the case of ICUs, the beds are expanded making use of empty operating rooms with no activity. Surgical interventions have been deprogrammed in Andalusia for weeks, except for serious emergencies. From Health they explain that it is each center that decides. Hospitals have begun to activate their respective contingency plans and programmable surgical activity has been reduced in all of them. "Interventions that do not involve hospitalization for more than 72 hours are being promoted, as well as major outpatient surgery that does not generate hospitalization. Likewise, non-'delay' interventions are maintained, as well as oncological and urgent surgery ”, indicate sources of the counseling.

"It is the most difficult moment of the pandemic that we have been in," said the Minister of the Presidency, Elijah Bendodo, who spoke of a third wave "much more aggressive" and who defended that the Andalusian Government "calls things by their name", asking the new Minister of Health for tools and denouncing that the autonomies are facing this extreme situation "with one hand tied behind his back. "

90,000 more deaths than births: the gap left by the coronavirus

D. Ojeda M. Law M. Zuil

Andalusia has exceeded 6,050 deaths. Health calculates that british variant In Andalusia, the virus, more aggressive and contagious, entered the Campo de Gibraltar and has spread throughout the community. Right now they estimate that 15% of infections are British variant, especially in Cádiz, Malaga and Seville where there is more this variant.

His colleague from Health insisted on the "verticality" of the graph to explain that the incidence of the disease has skyrocketed in recent weeks. "Before the week ends, the 7,500 plan will have to be activated," he warned, “The ICU level shows exponential growth and we are going to have to activate more beds because we will exceed 600 admissions ”.

Spain surpasses the peak of deaths of the second wave after adding 591 deaths

Triggered incident

The cumulative incidence in Andalusia is 909 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In provinces such as Almería (1215) or Huelva (1053) it is far exceeded. The only reason for hope, Aguirre pointed out, is a "small stop" in the incidence figures accumulated between Monday and Tuesday, going from 911 to 909. The so-called reproduction index, the contagion capacity of each infected person, is below one. "This brings a little hope that we enter the stabilization phasen, but we will have to wait until the end of the week ”, said the Minister of Health.

In Andalusia, starting this Wednesday, 489 municipalities out of 778 will be closed perimeter. 60% of the total. Half Of these, 30% of Andalusian municipalities have also reached the rate of 1000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which represents the closure of all non-essential activity, such as hotels and shops. The Andalusian Government insisted that, despite requests from teaching unions and some municipalities, do not consider the closure of schools. “The safest place that there is right now in Andalusia are the schools”, defended Bendodo, out of 7,099 schools there are 17 with closed classrooms, just 0.23%. "In the first wave we did amputations and now precision surgery," Aguirre defended.

The third wave triggers absenteeism in the classrooms without the Board decreeing to close schools

Isabel Morillo. Seville

The biggest hole is in the medical staff. From Health they assure that there will be "as many contracts as necessary" but without giving figures and underlining that the bags of available toilets are, at the moment, empty. There will be a reassignment of tasks in the staff and even a reordering that involves moving professionals from one hospital to another. "There are no hiring problems, the problem is having people to hire them," Aguirre said. "Until April 7,500 contracts have been made, we are going to hire everything we can and more to guarantee health care to all patients, but we will have to make a significant redistribution of personnel," added the Minister of Health.

Sanitary bags, "empty"

In Seville, the Board will open in the next few days, when the other three hospitals stop being able to absorb covid patients, a new hospital that, for now, will only treat coronavirus patients. Its about Military hospital, which was loaned by Defense in 2004 and that, despite the project of a fourth hospital for the province by the then Minister of Health, Maria Jesus Montero, was left in an empty building that was becoming dilapidated until this pandemic, which accelerated its reform. The health unions have denounced that this hospital is being opened without sufficient hiring and have denounced that it is forcing forced transfers from other Sevillian centers that will lose staff.

The Medical Union is opposed to the Military's doctors leaving the Virgen del Rocío, where Health admitted yesterday that there are up to 400 health workers on sick leave due to covid in the worst peak of the pandemic. Also in Malaga there will be a field hospital in the sports city of Carranque and in Granada there will be 500 additional beds in the Former San Cecilio Hospital.