An alcoholic drink a day could be the key to living longer, according to a new study

Before entering into what this study throws, It is worth remembering that the real key to live longer is to enjoy good health. Something that contributes to healthy eating and exercise. And alcohol does not precisely enter this equation. That is why this investigation should not be taken to the letter, but see it rather as a curiosity. That said … it is still interesting what researchers at the Medical Center of the University of Maastricht have highlighted in a new study.

This is an investigation that has lasted more than 20 years, in which the alcohol consumption habits of 5,000 older men and women have been monitored. The result, published in The Sun newspaper, suggests that those who drank five to 15 grams of alcohol daily, had more chances of reaching 90 years of age.

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That is, those who drank in moderation lived longer than those who abused alcohol. So far everything very logical. But the important thing about this data is rather the amount: 15 grams they would roughly equal a small glass of wine or half a pint of beer. That is, this would be the maximum limit of what we could theoretically drink per day without significantly affecting our health.

On the other hand, those study participants who exceeded 15 grams daily of alcohol, ended up suffering premature deaths. "Our analyzes show positive associations between moderate alcohol consumption and longevity in men and women," explained Dr. van den Brandt, principal investigator, daily. But he also points out that We must not forget that alcohol is toxic. "The results of this study should not be used as a motivation to start drinking."

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