Amazon’s best-selling bookcase has 5,000 ratings because it’s cheaper and more practical than IKEA’s Billy bookcase (and you can transform it into a gorgeous piece of furniture for almost free)

Beyond designer chairs or author lamps, if there is a famous piece of furniture with a ‘proper name’, it is the IKEA Billy shelf. The already iconic bookstore of the Swedish low cost giant has earned in its own right to be one of the best selling furniture in the world (every 5 seconds they say one is sold somewhere in the world): it’s practical, it has a minimalist design that fits anywhere, it’s easy to transform with the already viral ‘IKEA hacks’ and, furthermore, it’s very cheap. However, the very famous BILLY has had strong competition: Amazon’s VASAGLE shelving unit, which with almost 5,000 ratings and five stars, is already running to steal the position of the most desired and versatile for living rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms or kitchens.

Amazon’s VASAGLE shelf is available in three colors from 51 euros. / amazon

Like the BILLY from IKEA, the VASAGLE shelf from Amazon has a design minimalist, with very simple lines, which will fit perfectly both in classic and elegant environments and in other more rustic ones (it is available in three different colours: white, aged wood and natural wood), in Nordic-inspired rooms or even in industrial air spaces. And yes, it is so versatile that you can place it in the living room as an auxiliary piece of furniture, as a bookcase in the office, as a sideboard in the hall, as a storage space in the kitchen or even to organize your clothes, cosmetics. or favorite accessories in the bedroom or dressing room.

Precisely the simplicity of its design makes it very easy to hack and convert quickly, easily and cheaply into a personalized and unique piece of furniture that looks luxurious. You can paint it in the color that you like the most (especially if you choose it in white), give it a textured finish (from the most rustic to luxurious metallic aspects), add vinyl or wallpaper on the back to add trendy notes and even add legs, a top shelf or doors to make the transformation complete and look like a radically new piece of furniture. In fact, you can copy these very original DIY tricks to achieve it:

Available in three different colors from 51 euros, Amazon’s VASAGLE shelf is perfect for small spaces that we want to make the most of, since despite its small size (65.5x30x97.5 cm) it has a great capacity as it has six 30×30 cubes that support up to 15 kilos of weight each. In addition, it is multiposition, it can be placed both vertically and horizontally, adapting wonderfully to the room in which we place it.

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