Alternatives to take care of the health of your mouth in a friendly way with the planet

The choice of environmentally friendly products for our routine is increasingly common, and oral hygiene is not left out. When rethinking the choice of toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste or toothpaste, there are many options available.

Just stop to think about the amount of toothbrushes that we change and discard throughout the year. If everyone replaced it every three to four months, they would throw 23 billion a year. Faced with these figures, it sounds logical to choose to acquire these types of products that are already available in the market.

The material of ecological and recyclable brushes is biodegradable. Some are made of bamboo, and contain neither polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon – highly polluting – nor heavy metals. There are also brushes with interchangeable heads, of which only the upper part is disposed of.


Those with nylon are few sustainable, since this material is a petroleum derivative, highly polluting. In addition, it degrades very slowly, forming micro particles that end up in the oceans.

Organic dental floss is made with bamboo fibers or corn starch, two options that are much more environmentally friendly. In addition, being organic plant elements, they have a softer texture, ideal for people with bleeding or sensitive gums. A plus of these products when it comes to reducing bad breath is that they are often impregnated with peppermint essential oil or other active ingredients.

But to be truly ecological, it must not come in plastic containers. That is why they are sold in two types of containers:

– Glass jar: only 9% of the plastic is recycled compared to 70% of the glass.

– Stainless steel container, which can also be recycled.

Another green option is to buy replacement coils to refill the containers. The idea is to buy organic dental floss packaged for the first time, and then fill it with the replacement that is sold in recycled cardboard boxes.

There is also the biodegradable vegan dental floss, since some are made with beeswax. These animal-free products are made with candelilla vegetable wax, which comes from the euphorbia antisyphilitica zucc plant, a shrub that grows in semi-desert areas.

There are many variables that exist to make a change and choose a more environmentally friendly oral hygiene. It's just a matter of making the decision!