Also apply mindful eating at coffee time

Stress due to situations of uncertainty such as the one we are experiencing in this moment of confinement, the anxiety of not knowing what will happen … Or the common situations that can cause us stress such as work, children, paying the bills … we can take them much better if we learn to manage them. One way professionals recommend is to practice mindfulness. We have already seen how meditating while eating may seem strange but it is an exercise that can bring us much calm.

Confinement is undoubtedly determining in our meals. It affects us both in what we eat and how much and how we do it. The Petit Bambou meditation app helps us differentiate real hunger from emotional hunger.

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Recommendations that will help us calm our anxiety about eating

Ananda Ceballos, instructor of the Mindful Eating Concious Living (MECL) program and collaborator of Petit Bambou, has shared some of the guidelines that can modify our habits and routines to eat in full consciousness:

– Avoid buying unhealthy or processed foods at the supermarket.

– Organize a weekly menu.

– Try to do relaxation and breathing exercises before eating.

-When you eat, focus on that and feed yourself arriving at a feeling of satisfaction.

– Do physical exercise.

Mindfulness at coffee time

From the application they encourage you to practice a practical exercise for example at breakfast with coffee (although it can also be applied to any other drink such as tea, juice …)

– Start to stay present and feel it from the moment you start making coffee. You put the coffee maker, fill the container with water to heat … Feel your feet in contact with the ground. Hear what's going on around you.

– While you wait for the coffee to be made, take the cup, take it with both hands and feel it, feel the smell of coffee, the temperature of the cup …

– If you add sugar, cinnamon to your coffee … Also feel the noise when you pour the granites into your coffee, when you open the package, when you shake the pot …

– When you go to take the first sips of your drink, try to pay attention to the reaction of your body, your mouth, salivation or any other physical sensation that arises in anticipation of that action.

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