All you need to organize your kitchen well are these practical and easy tricks (and these very cheap organizers from H&M Home)

A kitchen in order not only manages to create a greater feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness: a kitchen in order, slims down. We are not saying this, but a study by Peter Walsh, an expert in organization techniques, says that “people who live in messy environments tend to eat up to 44% more snacks than those who have a clean and tidy home”. And it is that, if the bags of chips and the packages of cookies are scattered on the counter, it is most likely that you will end up snacking (and sinning). Because, for aesthetics and health, nothing better than having a well-organized space. And we can’t think of a better way to do it than with these practical tricks and these very cheap organizers that we have found at H&M Home for less than 20 euros.

We have to recognize that the kitchen It is our favorite area of ​​the house. Family reunion center and multipurpose space, we have spent weeks looking for solutions to get the most out of it and make it appear larger and brighter. And yes, the white color, the light, the minimalist furniture… All this works, but it is useless if we do not have it well ordered.

4 tricks for a beautiful and tidy kitchen

one.- The products, better in sight: whether it’s on shelves with shelves or furniture with glass doors, having things in sight not only helps us find what we’re looking for more quickly and easily, it also ‘forces’ us to have everything better organized and run away from the temptation of ‘disaster drawers’.

two.- Kitchen organizers, that’s the key: sustainable awareness means that more and more of us buy products in bulk. For this reason, it is essential to look for storage elements to store all those foods that used to come home wrapped in layers and more layers of plastic. Metal or natural fiber baskets, wooden or fabric boxes or glass jars (at H&M Home you can find them from less than 10 euros) will become your best allies to have a well-ordered pantry and kitchen and, at the same time, time, beautiful

The metal storage baskets cost 19.99 euros at H&M Home; and the wooden boxes or the canvas basket cost 9.99 euros. / H&M Home

3.- What about the kitchenware? Crockery, pots and pans, table linens, glassware and other items can become wonderful ornamental elements in your kitchen. Cupboards and silver furniture are an ideal solution to ‘show off’ your trousseau, but if you don’t have much room, it is best to place shelves on the walls (from floor to ceiling to make better use of vertical spaces) and organize your plates, glasses and favorite tablecloths.

4.- The secret of a perfect pantry: order and good cleanliness in the pantry, in addition to making the most of the space and making everything look bigger, also helps us not to waste food. To achieve this, the most practical thing is to have the products in sight, always know what we have (and what we need to buy) and organize it by use and expiration date, so that in the first line we will place what has the highest turnover and the most perishable products. .

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