All-Occasion Makeup Kit: The Basics

Makeup and its various techniques are increasingly attracting the attention of fans of beauty and personal care. Although there are fabulous products, we recommend choosing the ones that can make up a basic makeup kit and for all occasions.

If you are a beginner in the field, it is the right time to learn about the products that will make you look better in a practical way. And if you don't know where to start, We share some essential items to give your face what it needs.

Likewise, it should be noted that both men and women can go for a good basic makeup kit to improve their personal image through foundations and concealers. Read on and discover what these ideal products are.

What should I have in my basic makeup kit?

We bring a selection of essentials to create a makeup set that suits any occasion. Although the decision of the quantity and quality is to your liking.

1. First or pre base

Before applying the foundation, these types of products prepare the skin and hydrate it. One of their great advantages is that they lengthen the duration of the makeup.

2. Base

The natural finish works well for day to day; so, a foundation with a light texture and the same tone of the skin will camouflage it and have a more perfect or lush appearance. The base is and will always be one of the essential products for a basic makeup kit.

For those who choose to cover imperfections, there are the so-called BB cream waves foundation, with greater coverage.

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3. Corrector

They are available in cream or liquid format. Even in green, pink and yellow colors. Each is responsible for covering the various skin imperfections which can range from blemishes to acne scars.

With this product you can reduce the dreaded dark circles and give a better appearance to the fine lines of the chin.

4. Shadow palette

We already know that there are hundreds of colors and varieties, however, it is advisable to have a basic and neutral color palette that can be worn at any time of the day. Bronzes, browns, grays, and ecru are easy to blend shades.

5. Blush

Also called blush, This article usually has a variety of tones that fit each skin type. Today They are usually applied accompanied by an illuminator and even a bronzer. This gives a tapering effect when applied on the outside of the cheeks and on the temple.

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4. Lipstick

Take note: nude and red are the most versatile colors to highlight the lips, both day and night. One of the tricks is to choose a lip shade that is twice as dark as the natural shade of the lips.

Having a lipstick is key in the basic makeup kit, although there is no need to abound in colors: two tones are enough.

5. Mascara

Before purchasing this product, it is necessary to keep in mind what volume you want to reach, as well as the color that best matches the tone of your eyes. Remember that the big difference is made by the type of brush.

6. Eyebrows

Eyebrows often frame the faceAll the more reason to give them prominence when putting on makeup. Pomades are ideal when accompanied by application tools, such as a brush or brush, but mascara products are an excellent option for those with bushy eyebrows.

7. Eyeliner

If there is a product that has gained prominence, this is it. The eyeliner It no longer only accompanies the most attractive looks on a night out; now it is positioned in a basic of the toiletry bag. Liquid, pencil or creamy, the key is to practice with which of them you outline better.

8. Mirror

The smaller and more practical the better. A compact mirror is characterized by having a cosmetic-like shape that makes it easier to transport it in the makeup bag. Look for one that is double-sided; one with magnification and one without any effect.

9. Brush set

The right choice is when you buy a quality game; thus, they will spread the product better and will not waste it. To this is also added a sponge that helps to better blend the bases with the skin.

If your budget does not allow it, get a large, rounded brush to apply the blush and a flat and a precision brush for the shadows.

Creating a basic makeup kit should focus on not taking up too much space to transport.

10. Pencil sharpener

Sharp pencils always. This is the main objective of this small object that usually comes with two holes. Here it is enough to buy a product that does not break the tips, because otherwise you will end up running out of the pencil in each pass.

11. Wipes or swabs

Either to correct mistakes or clean your tools, these two products complement any basic makeup kit.

12. Eyelash curler

If the objective is to highlight your look, do not hesitate to buy this article. Here what you are looking for is a professional curling iron, preferably in steel and that does not break the tabs.

Basic makeup kit for day to day

If what you want is a specific product that is not mentioned, you can add it to your basic makeup kit without any problem. Remember that the most important thing is to know the needs of each person, as well as choosing quality products that are suitable for each type of skin. If it is a small investment, there are palettes on the market that include shadows, blushes and highlighters in the same package.

Now that you know everything, start by making a list of your favorite products and, if you go shopping, do not forget to review reviews to choose the brand that best suits you.