Alkaline foods: what benefits do they bring to your body?

Having a correct balance between the level of alkaline acid (pH) and blood is of vital importance. The fundamental reason is that, thanks to this balance, your body can better face disease.

The pH is measured on a scale ranging from 0 to 14. 7 is neutral, below that value is acidic, and above, alkaline. You will be surprised to know all the beneficial properties that alkaline foods have for your health.

The benefits of the alkaline diet

Alkaline foods are spectacular to deal with many ailments. Eating a diet that includes them greatly contributes to reducing the risk of kidney stones. According to specialists, if you increase the consumption of alkaline foods, you will be able to increase the urinary pH, discarding toxins through the urine and minimizing risk factors.

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On the other hand, alkaline foods delay bone loss, actively promoting bone growth and preservation. Another of its benefits lies in the increase of growth hormone (GH or somatotropic hormone), making your muscular system stronger to face problems such as backaches, tendonitis or cramps.

These are other properties:

one. They are rich in nutrients, and low in calories.

2. They are rich in vitamin C, selenium, iron, and zinc, which help the health of the intestine, and strengthen the immune system.

3. They help your joints and your cardiovascular system.

Four. It helps you avoid processed foods and refined sugars.

5. They help to cope with type II diabetes, regulating blood sugar levels.

6. They counteract acidity in the blood, which helps fight degenerative diseases.

Modifying the diet is key to balance pH levels and become more alkaline than acidic. Consider the different types of alkaline foods to include in your meals and also help control weight, avoid excess toxins and improve your overall health.

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Very alkalizing foods

– PH 9.5 alkaline water
– PH 8.5 sea salt
– Seawater
– Barley grass
– Oat grass
– Alfalfa herb
– Cucumber
– Curly cabbage
– Spinach
– Broccoli
– Parsley
– Germinated
– Seaweed
– Almonds
– Lemon
– Grapefruit

Highly alkalizing foods

– Avocado
– Betarraga
– Bell pepper
– Pepper
– Cabbage
– Eggplant
– Celery
– Garlic
– Ginger
– Green beans
– Lettuce
– Mustard grains
– Onion
– Radish
– Arugula
– Tomato
– Organic soybeans

Moderately alkalizing foods

– Artichoke
– Asparagus
– Cauliflower
– Carrot
– Chives
– Italian squash
– Leek
– Potato
– Chickpeas
– Turnip
– Watercress
– Coconut
– Quinoa
– Lentils
– Organic Tofu
– Herbs and spices
– Olive oil
– Flax oil
– Avocado oil
– Coconut oil

Keep in mind that, to make the most of the benefits of alkaline foods, you need to play sports, drink lots of water and exercise your body.

Eat alkaline foods to improve your quality of life day by day. Your body will thank you!

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