Alkaline diet: what it is and who works best for weight loss (or for a detox cure)

This year the bikini operation has become a de-escalation operation And we all want to get into our shorts and dresses from last summer without problems … but the binge eating that we have had during the running of the bulls is not making it easy for us. ¿What can we do to lose that waist float And, incidentally, do a little detox? From Hollywood comes a proposal that has become a must in recent years: the alkaline diet. But what does this pH diet consist of?

The alkaline diet (or pH diet, both rides, rides so much) is based on the fact that everything we eat affects the alkalinity of the bodyIn fact, our daily intake and many of our habits change the pH of fluids (such as urine). The goal that is aspired to with the alkaline diet is that through the selection of the right foods the pH remains in a healthy balance: the magical figure of 7.4.

Why does the body's pH change? What unbalances it?

Disorder does not live on diet alone. There are many other factors of our day to day that can negatively affect the alkalinity of the body. Chronic stressFor example, it can cause a state of chronic acidosis that ends up causing obesity.

Sedentary lifestyle is another factor to consider. Although if we talk about habits that affect our pH, we must not lose sight of the bad habit of self-medicating. “There are times when taking medications is inevitable, but in most cases we abuse them. Taking acetaminophen for a headache, ibuprofen to reduce inflammation, antacids for digestive problems … Most of the time these symptoms disappear with a change in habits, "warns the Dr. María Romeralo, nutrition expert at SHA Wellness Clinic.

In the alkaline diet there is an open bar of fruits and vegetables.

Although, of course, food is the basis of all imbalance. The habitual consumption of ultra-processed products it is an important source of acidosis. The good news is that it is easy to combat with the right diet.

What foods are allowed in the alkaline diet

For fans of this way of eating, food is divided into alkaline and acidic And if we learn to combine them wisely, we not only lose inches from our waist, but we also improve our health and help the body to do a complete detox cure. As explained by Dr. María Romeralo, nutrition expert at SHA Wellness Clinic, the basis of alkalizing nutrition would be that based on balanced foods: "For example, whole grains must always be present in our diet. Also legumes, a source of fiber, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables. Other essentials would be algae, fermented foods such as miso or sauerkraut, seeds and olive oil. "


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Between the most positive aspects of this diet It is found, therefore, that the foods that most help us to maintain our pH in balance are precisely the healthiest of the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, take care of your pH with an open bar, therefore fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables, such as Swiss chard and spinach, reducing the intake of animal protein (white meats, eggs, dairy products and fish are allowed, but in reduced quantities) and valuing the plant-based proteins that legumes are found. And to peck, natural nuts. It doesn't sound that bad, does it?

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