Alcohol and bleach are the most effective disinfectants when diluted in water

Once the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic and most of the countries affected by the health emergency, the Ministries of Health of the different governments began to give cleaning advice for the different spaces that are used in daily life.

The alcohol It is one of the most widely used disinfectants to clean surfaces and objects such as door handles or door handles, keys, cell phones and all high-contact surfaces. Like bleach (bleach), alcohol changes the structure of the virus, preventing it from infecting people.

But the cleaning is effective only when the products are used at a suitable concentration. The cleaning method is also important: for disinfection to be effective, you must let the products dry on the surfaces.

Use of cleaning products

Gel products for cleaning high contact surfaces are ineffective compared to liquid disinfectants. Oxygenated water is also a good ally if it is 3%, since it inhibits viral activity. The disinfecting wipes with alcohol or chlorine they are also very good for cleaning surfaces.

With what and how to disinfect?

The first thing to do is to have a clean cloth, sponge or brush to use. After that, apply the disinfectant product and start cleaning the surfaces. Ideally, you should run the product several times across the surface to make sure it gets everywhere, then let it dry.

How to prepare disinfectants?

For commercial bleach, you must place 100 ml (or a cup of coffee) in a 10-liter container of water. If you do not want to prepare as much, you can put 10 ml (or a tablespoon) in a liter of water.

For liquid alcohol you must use 3 parts of water and 7 parts alcohol in a clean container or spray bottle. You must bear in mind that this product is flammable and you should keep it away from fire, so it is not recommended to use it in spaces such as the kitchen. But it is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as the kitchen, office, tables and all shared spaces.

Another use that we can give to sprinklers with disinfectant is when we arrived home. Although the recommendation is not to go out, if for any reason of force majeure you have to do it, it is recommended that you leave one of these containers near the entrance to your house.

Arriving take off your shoes at the front door of the house and spray them above and below and place them in a container. Take off all the objects you have (bags, wallets, clothes, cell phone, etc.) and apply the disinfectant and put them in the container too.

Now once you enter you must spray yourself (it is recommended that it be alcohol so as not to discolor the clothes and have watch your eyes), after this you must move to a place where you can undress completely deposit the clothes in a container with a lid or closed bag. Then you should take a shower and brush your teeth,

Finally, dress in clean clothes, put the clothes you left with to wash with soap and water. Expose all the objects that accompanied you to the street to the sun and clean the handles and keys that you touched.

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