Air purifiers, allies against pollen

The arrival of spring is a reason for joy for many, since it begins to improve the time. Temperatures begin to rise, there is more light throughout the day, birds singing, bees, flowers and green shoots here and there. However, there are those who suffer several discomforts, mainly due to the pollen that spreads throughout the environment.

The itching of the nose and throat, watery eyes, runny nose and continuous sneezing prevent the allergic person from enjoying all the good weather. Although there is good news: air purifiers help to effectively filter and eliminate pollen concentrations present in the environment.

It must be remembered that spring is the period of pollination of the plants, with which, it is inevitable that the air is loaded with its pollen. In this regard, the Spanish Society of Allergology and Immunology indicates that the atmospheric pollution of urban environments makes the effect of pollen even greater; hence, people suffering from pollinosis suffer more from the different symptoms.

What is your function?

Air purifiers are very useful devices on a daily basis, since help eliminate the number of thousands and thousands of microscopic particles that are potentially harmful to health and, even, bad smells. It should be noted that within these particles not only dust could be found, but also mites, animal allergens, mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses and chemical pollutants such as tobacco smoke and carbon monoxide.

Those who have already been encouraged to test the effectiveness of air purifiers comment that, today, they consider them an essential requirement to enjoy a cleaner and, above all, pollen-free home.

How do air purifiers work?

In large cities is where air purifiers have been most successful, given the high level of environmental pollution that exists. But nevertheless, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits offered by these devices anywhere. With connecting the equipment to a socket, it starts to work.

The Intense Pure Air Connect of Rowenta filter and purify 100% the finest particles present in the air, which allows to breathe clean and pure air. Thus, They are an excellent option for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis or other conditions that affect the respiratory system. Especially, during the spring, when respiratory allergens (pollens, fungal spores, mites and animals) cause more problems.

The success of this technology lies in its four-level filtering system, because it manages to capture with much more ease all the agents that could cause diseases. Also, while working it does not make noise; with which, he performs his task discreetly, without affecting daily activities and above all, rest.

Since they have to be connected to a source of electricity to work, the air purifiers have timer and programming functions that avoid the expenditure of energy. In addition, they can be controlled through a smartphone inside or outside the house; which provides greater comfort.

Air purifiers only for the home?

Although its use in the home is very widespread and is the most recommended, these devices also can be installed in other environments where it is usual to spend several continuous hours, like for example the place of work.

Aspects to consider

While it is true that an air purifier is a very useful device to keep the home clean, you should not let fall all the 'responsibility' on it; that is to say, even when the apparatus performs its function, it is necessary to apply certain measures, such as:

  • Ventilate the house daily, at least for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Aspirate the carpets and curtains regularly.
  • Remove stuffed and related objects to prevent the accumulation of respiratory allergens.
  • In case of having other air conditioners or purifiers, remember to change the filters regularly, since when accumulating dirt they can stop fulfilling their function.
  • Dispense with the use of wool mattresses and pillows (to avoid the presence of mites).
  • Consult the manual of use of the purifiers to check how it should be maintained and cleaned.
    • Keep in mind that there are deodorization and HEPA filters that can not be reused, but must be replaced every so often.
    • The prefilter of the Intense Pure Air It should be cleaned every 2 or 4 weeks.

Finally, it is important that users keep in mind that air purifiers They do not consume as much energy as an air conditioner, for example. And since its function is met in less than 10 minutes a day, the energy expenditure is low, in general terms.