Agua de Jamaica, the healthy alternative to water that helps you lose weight

Drinking water is very important for health, we already know that, and it can even help you lose weight, but it is not the only healthy drink out there. We have discovered a drink that is not only healthy, but it is delicious so it will not cost you to drink it throughout the day. Its about Jamaica’s water, which is nothing other than an infusion made with the Jamaica flower, originally from tropical Africa, although given its fame and high consumption today it is also cultivated in Southeast Asia and Central America. The main feature of the plant, about 3 meters high, is its red flower, so the Jamaica water preparations are of an intense red color.

This infusion can help you control hypertension arterial and favors sleep repairman. Another benefit of the Jamaica Flower is that it helps lower blood glucose levels in people who have diabetes. Has vitamins A, C, B1 and EAnd contains calcium, iron and phosphorus that benefits the bones, helping them to be healthy and strong. It is ideal for reducing levels of cholesterol high and most important of all helps slim down since it has a satiating effect.

Properties of Jamaica Water

It has a powerful moisturizing and healing effect, thus protecting our skin and accelerating the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns and other skin marks. Has a great antioxidant effect due to its high flavonoid content, which improves blood circulation and reduces capillary fragility. Its contribution in potassium provides it with the ability to remove fluids accumulated in the body.

Thanks to its high content of different acids, they give it a digestive and toning effect It helps to alleviate some stomach problems. But it also helps regulate metabolism by increasing the elimination of accumulated fat in different areas of the body and contributes to reducing the size of adipocytes or fat cells.

How to take it to lose weight and have a flat stomach

To prepare a cup of Agua de Jamaica, you only have to infuse a tablespoon of Jamaica flower in 400 ml of water, being able to drink it cold. To lose weight, it is advisable to take 3 glasses of hibiscus water daily, 30 minutes before each meal, adding ingredients such as a sprig of cinnamon, a piece of ginger or a teaspoon of chia seeds to increase the diuretic effect, but never sugar.

If what you want is to contribute to your belly stay flat, add to your infusion a small sprig of Rosemary and a wand of cinnamon, being able to take it also hot now that it is colder.

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