Aging of the skin, why does it happen?

The aging of the skin is something that especially scares women. Who would not want to keep skin smooth and young forever? However, even if we can slow it down a bit, we know that it is an inevitable process. But do we know why it happens?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is in constant renovation and in relation to the other organs. It serves to protect the body from physical, chemical or infection. In addition, it allows to transmit and exchange information between the body and the outside.

But it is undeniable that the skin also fulfills a very important aesthetic function. In this article we explain why skin aging occurs.

Signs of skin aging

Why does the skin age?

Skin aging occurs for different reasons. Over time, the skin produces less protein, such as collagen, which are the ones that allow you to adequately perform your function. There are numerous factors that influence this; some are avoidable and controllable.

The avoidable factors are those that we know and that we can reduce. For example, lack of sleep or stress, which alters the hormones involved in the renewal of the skin. Not hydrating properly also influences skin health.

Sun exposure accelerates aging intensely. The sun damages the mechanisms that allow the skin to renew itself. That is, it alters the production of collagen and elastin. In the same way, inadequate nutrition also alters these proteins, making the skin look younger.

However, there are factors that are beyond our reach. First, we find genetics, which has an important weight. The race and the type of skin with which we are born also determine, in part, aging.

For example, Clear and sensitive skins tend to develop wrinkles sooner. On the other hand, Asian people tend to show an uneven tone and fewer wrinkles. In addition, the dryness of the skin that we mentioned before, is also influenced by genetics.

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How can we prevent the aging of the skin?

There is no definitive solution for this. Although we can not stop it, yes we can slow down this process. For this, it is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. The moderate physical exercise is antioxidant, so it reduces the free radicals that also influence the aging of the skin.

A good diet, without deficiencies, helps the skin have the necessary nutrients to renew itself. In the same way, it is very important to stay properly hydrated. Also, you have to avoid stress and try not to lead a very fast life.

But nevertheless, the most important thing is to reduce sun exposure. The sun is the worst enemy of the skin, as it accelerates its aging. It is not enough just to use sunscreens; The best way to reduce the damage caused by radiation is to avoid sunbathing.

In conclusion

The aging of the skin is a process that we can not avoid. However, maintaining proper care can help us to stop it. Try to pay enough attention to your skin!

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