Advice from a couple of grandparents to be happy in life

What our grandparents have to share are years of learning and accumulated wisdom. Cherish his presence in your life!

Last update: 22 March, 2022

We all have loved ones who are our guide in the most important moments. It can be an aunt, a brother or your mom. However, there is nothing like the advice that a couple of grandparents can give us to be happy.

It is very true that we should not underestimate the experiences and advice of someone young. But older adults collect enriching experiences that serve as a reference to reach the goal of having a happy and more pleasant life.

The experiences of the greatest are very valuable. Therefore, we collected the advice of a couple of grandparents so that their whole family could learn to be much happier. Perhaps this way it is more pleasant to reflect on what we should appreciate in life, to enjoy the present and act appropriately in everyday life.

Wise advice from a couple of grandparents

Commonly, grandparents want their family to be well and to preserve the values ​​they have instilled in them. For older people, their teachings and experiences are their greatest wealth. Therefore, they are happy when they can share them with others.

“I had an inheritance from my father, it was the moon and the sun. And although it travels all over the world, the expense of it is never done”.
-Ernest Hemingway-

These are the most precious lessons of a couple of grandparents for their familyin terms of friendship and socialization:

  • Have rich conversations For the soul.
  • Looking into the eyes is the key for your friends to see your sincerity.
  • Be gentle and shake hands when you greet others.
  • Do not spread the secrets that have been shared with you.
  • Don’t let yourself be disappointed by people’s mistakes, remember that from failures you learn and people are able to change.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help when you need it..

Useful tips for your personal life

In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time alone, but there are also people who surround us frequently. Please note the following:

  • Be kind to yourself, be patient with your processes and take good care of yourself. Hardly anyone else will do it better than you.
  • Even if you have tough days, don’t lose your enthusiasm or stop doing what you love.
  • Be careful when choosing the people you surround yourself with. Links can be very healthy or very harmful, depending on who is by your side.
  • If you play with children, give them a chance to win, encourage their learning and applaud their triumphs.
  • Avoid sarcasm and ironyThey don’t usually take us to the happiest destinations.
  • Your partner will be your companion in life, and with her you will share the most important moments. Try to choose her out of love and treat her with respect.

Tip for life: enjoy!

Sometimes we get carried away by monotony. We repeat behaviors that are really not necessary and we stay in situations that we don’t like. If you wonder what to do, the best thing to do is to start making decisions that will make you happier..

In some cases, happiness is in the simplest things and it is easier to put aside what complicates us. This is what you should keep in mind:

  • Maintain discipline with matters that are important to you.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and correct them as soon as possible.
  • Thank those who help you and provide support in the same way.
  • Don’t stop telling someone special how much you love them.
  • Sing in the shower, dedicate songs and share your happiness with those you love most.

The best inheritance, the advice of the grandparents

There is no doubt that The best inheritance that all grandparents give us are their teachings and reflections. Like all those occasions in which we were invited to drop the cell phone. The applause and the support provided in the best and worst moments. And the tranquility they convey even though the world seems to be collapsing.

Grandparents, thank you for every advice, for every lesson and for sharing your memories with us to build a story as enriching as yours.

“If we want to progress, we must not repeat history, but make a new one. We must add to the heritage left by our ancestors.”
-Mahatma Gandhi-

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