Adorable kids wanted to fool their teacher with the same haircut

Children have genuine ideas and a way of seeing life without prejudice, so they are capable of giving incredible lessons to adults.

Last update: 04 February, 2022

Two adorable children intended to fool their teacher when one tried to impersonate the other. The reason is that both were considered identical and, from their perspective, by becoming a haircut similar would be so similar that they would confuse their educator at school.

The striking thing for everyone is that these little ones have different skin colorWell, one is light-skinned and the other is dark-skinned.. For this reason, his point of view was a lesson to those who heard his story. The genuine act of the biracial friends unexpectedly went viral.

It was the mother of one of the boys who published what happened and was surprised to see how the event caused a stir on the networks. With the experience of these little we can reflect on the differences that we usually find in society and the limits that we draw between us. And it is that interracial diversity and social inclusion are issues that we must address together.

Two adorable and “identical” children

Their names are Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon, two classmates 4 and 5 years old playing together and had a great idea. They both made a friendship so cute that they felt very alike. This was the starting point for thinking about trying to trick her teacher.

Lydia Rosebush, Jax’s representative, made a Facebook post and recounted everything that happened. Initially, the boy had to cut his hair when the weekend came and classes were over. The time has come, Jax had the idea of ​​shaving his hair completely to look the same to reddy.

“She said she couldn’t wait to go to school on Monday with hair like Reddy’s, so her teacher couldn’t tell them apart.”
-Lydia Rosebush-

For these adorable children from Kentucky, their skin color was not a limit or a distinguishing feature, because they were sure that they would get their teacher confused. In this sense, the following Monday they went to school with their respective haircuts and the educator decided to act confused, just as they expected.

As the teacher followed suit and pretended to be confused, the other children in the class also did the same with other classmates. Without a doubt, this genuine initiative of Jax became a spontaneous dynamic that invites us to look at each other and feel like equals without that being a problem.

A genuine lesson in equality

Jax and Reddy had fun together with this initiative that was far from wanting to show that they had overcome a barrier. And it is that really for them there was no barrier of differences that divided them or made them look different.

For her part, Jax’s mother was very surprised to see that this fact stole the hearts of thousands of people in networks. She just wanted to share with her acquaintances the occurrence of her little. “I just thought it was funny that Jax didn’t even realize that Reddy is a different color; when he describes Reddy he never mentions him,” he explained.

The experience among children was reflected in the networks as a lesson that must be kept in mind in society. Thinking that race, beliefs or nationalities are a reason for distinction or superiority between each other, has only caused inequalities and injustices. It’s time to learn from an adorable 5-year-old boy.

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