Adjustable gastric band, what do you mean?

The adjustable gastric band refers to surgery performed on people suffering from obesity. It consists of making the stomach smaller, which helps reduce food intake and thus lose weight.

Obesity is a chronic disease in which multiple factors influence; Not only is it dictated by diet. It is associated with a decrease in life expectancy and other pathologies such as diabetes.

The treatment of morbid obesity based only on diets does not usually manage to successfully control all the problems that result from this disease in the long term. Therefore, in some cases, this surgery is recommended. The operation with gastric band does not seek to achieve an ideal weight, but to improve health of who suffers morbid obesity.

In this article we explain what the procedure consists of.

What is the gastric band?

The adjustable gastric band is a surgical technique that is performed by laparoscopy. This means that it is done through a very small incision, which introduces an instrument that allows you to see the abdomen.

Through this incision, an elastic band is placed in the stomach, which acts like a belt. Compress the upper part of the stomach, making it smaller. In this way, the amount of food that enters it is limited.

Gastric band it also makes the passage of food to the intestine slower, And this also helps weight loss. In addition, it is a reversible process. In fact, it can be adjusted at any time without needing to operate again.

What are the advantages of the gastric band?

As we have already mentioned, it is a laparoscopic procedure. This means that it is not necessary to open the abdomen or perform very invasive techniques. In addition, the anatomy of the stomach is not modified. The gastric band is a reversible method.

It helps reduce the rest of health problems that accompany morbid obesity. It is a solution that must be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Eating a proper diet and exercising are essential requirements.

The gastric band produces satiety, which helps to stop giving so much importance to food. It is estimated that it helps to lose about 50% of excess weight in patients

When a patient undergoes this surgery, he can be home in a few hours. In fact, there is hardly any postoperative pain. The risk of poor healing or infection is minimal.

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What are the disadvantages of the gastric band?

On the other hand, there are also certain drawbacks. In the long term, reinterventions are usually necessary in cases of very severe obesity. This is because The gastric band may slip, causing the stomach to increase in volume again.

Numerous studies link the gastric band with cases of gastroesophageal reflux and esophagitis. You also have to be aware that weight loss occurs more slowly than with other procedures.

After gastric band placement, there is a period of adaptation to it. Some patients suffer vomiting or nausea. Therefore, it is even more important to control meals and even what you drink.

What is the difference with other techniques?

There are other techniques that are also used to treat morbid Among them is the gastric balloon, which consists of introducing a balloon into the stomach. It fills with serum and reduces stomach capacity by almost half.

The ball is usually placed nasally, through the esophagus. It usually stays about six months in the stomach. Thus, It is also necessary to combine it with good dietary habits.

Gastric sleeve is a somewhat more complicated technique. It consists of stapling the stomach, greatly reducing its volume. To perform it, a general anesthetic is necessary.

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In conclusion

The adjustable gastric band is a surgical technique that helps in the treatment of morbid obesity. However, it is not a solution that allows to continue with a life full of excesses. It must be combined with a proper diet, exercise and a total change of attitude on the part of the patient.