According to Chinese Medicine, according to the hemisphere in which you live you should take care of a particular organ

The cycles of nature are not something that happens only in the external world, outside of us. They also affect our body, although we are not always so attentive to it.

In this article you will be able to know which are the organs that more you should take care of to take advantage of the energy of nature, whether you live in the northern hemisphere or in the southern hemisphere.

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Summer: heart

In the summer, the organ that prevails is the heart. It is the root of life and the source of all changes at the spiritual level.

It is the season of growth and maturation in nature. Therefore, this movement, added to the heat, causes that in Chinese Medicine it is associated with fire, the red color and the heart, which is the organ that regulates blood.

The good or bad condition of the circulation can be seen in the face: "The color, normally fresh and pink, becomes pathological, dull grayish or grayish violet, when the energy of the heart is exhausted and the circulation of the blood vessels is impaired" (Ling Shu)

As for the emotional, the heart is related to joy and manifests itself in laughter. A state of well-being becomes harmonious to the energetic circulation.

On the psychic plane, finally, the heart is the abode of the Shen, "mental energy" or "conscious soul", which controls all mental activities.

In short, summer is a period in which the heart reigns, the sun, energy, movement, heat and expansion.

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Winter: kidney

Winter is a time of recollection, of regaining strength and conserving energy. The lack of hours of light, cold and humidity, makes us feel act in consonance with what happens in the environment. For Traditional Chinese Medicine, it's time to take care of the kidney.

"The kidneys are the rulers of winter, they store the essence and they govern everything that is retired and asleep and everything that is accumulated," said Chinese folk doctors 5000 years ago.

This organ is identified with the cold, the color black and a stage of symbolic "death" that will give rise to a new birth in the spring. It is time to conserve energy, to seek inner warmth, rest, reflection.

The element that is associated with the kidney is water, which is identified with the fundamental principle of life. In addition, it conforms what we could call the "circulatory system" of the Earth, together with the rain, the seas, etc.

Physically, it rules the bones, the marrow and the brain. In addition, sensory level, communicates with the ears allowing the sense of hearing.

The predominant emotion is fear and, on a psychic level, there is lodged the energy that gives us the will to live, that gives us strength and determination, our will.

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