According to a study, clutter is fattening but with these deco tricks it is easy to remedy it

There are many of us who want to keep the order at home. To do this, we can use techniques such as marie condo or to storage systems that are available in all furniture and decoration stores. But not only for a matter of aesthetics, but because it has been shown that clutter is fattening. Yes, as you hear it, people who live in messy environments tend to eat until 44% more snacks than those who have their house clean and tidy.

I don’t say it, the expert in organization techniques says it peter walsh in his book Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? Or what is the same, Does this mess make my ass fat?. “To treat badly the space in which you live is to treat a part of you badly. The house, the head, the heart, the hips… Everything is connected, “says the expert in the book. “A cleaner house leads to an unconscious desire to eat healthierand being busy at home translates to less snacking on unhealthy foods“, explains Peter Walsh. And you will say: that doesn’t make any sense. Well yes, it does. If you stress level is high, our levels of cortisol, which leads us to anxiety and that provokes in us a need to eat something that, generally, will be rich in sugars and fats. Because the emotional hunger He doesn’t ask you for a broccoli, he asks you for a cookie. Or the whole package.

But don’t worry, because everything has a solution and in this case the solution is Tidy up the house, we’re sorry. It is best to go little by little, starting with the bedroom, which should be the most minimalist possible to promote rest. So THROW out everything you don’t need. Avoid just-in-cases, because if you haven’t used it in the last few years, what makes you think you’re going to use it now? A tidier and simpler bedroom translates into more rest and less stress. Anything you want to store can be tucked into basketslike these wicker from IKEA (8 euros).

The cheapest baskets to organize your house are at IKEA and cost 8 euros. / ikea

when you get to organize the closetPeter recommends cutting it down to the must-have pieces, the ones that make us feel good. Yes you feel “pretty” with your clothes, you will try to maintain the figure to continue with that feeling. And for that, it is essential to have a full-length mirror so you can look and feel good, like this one from IKEA (79 euros).

This IKEA standing mirror costs 79 euros and will make your room look bigger. / ikea

We look back at the kitchen. You should empty the counter as much as possible, but not completely. The best thing is that you leave some of the healthy food so you can satisfy your gluttony without being assailed by the idea of ​​eating out. And if you are thinking of losing weight, the most important thing is organize the fridge, of course. Put healthier foods like fruit and vegetables on display and hide opaque tupperware the most caloric products. Try these pantry organizers from the brand HapiLeap that we have seen on Amazon (15.98 euros).

A well organized fridge helps to lose weight. These Amazon organizers cost 15 euros. / amazon

It’s not complicated. get to it and you will notice its effects.

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