About to turn 50 Jennifer Lopez dares with a diet without sugar or carbohydrates

If Jennifer Lopez had already started the year giving her all with her training, it's still news for her Feeding Habits, and that the artist, who turns 24 on 50 years of age, has some enviable curves, a turned body and a spectacular beauty. Your challenge 10 days without sugar or carbohydrates has been on everyone's lips have you managed to overcome it?

It is true that genetics play a very important role, but to look great is also necessary to wear a disciplined exercise routine and a healthy diet. Jennifer and her partner Alex Rodriguez work hard to stay in shape with healthy diet and sport, and often share their fitness routines and healthy lifestyle habits with their many followers.

Jennifer López and Álex Rodríguez.


JLo a few days ago was throwing this challenge on his Instagram account, it would happen ten days without ingesting sugars or carbohydrates and he urged his followers to join the challenge to do it with her simultaneously. Its purpose has been none other than that of disengage from junk food, eliminate sugar and reset your body doing this 'cure detox' as a couple.

What was it that JLo could not eat during the challenge?

Both JLo and Alex have eliminated from their diet complex carbohydrates (pasta, pastries, bread, rice …) and sugars (soft drinks, sweets …) but have gone a step further and they have also eliminated vegetables with starch (potatoes, pumpkin, peas, corn, zucchini …), dairy (although if you have been drinking coffee alone) and also the fruit (which contains natural sugars). A diet that is definitely a challenge!

The singer and actress loves carbohydrates and sugar, so the challenge has been a little uphill even if it was only a few days. The fourth day I could already see results and shared an image of his abs in his social networks so his followers could see how his body was responding with the new diet.

By consuming carbohydrates and sugars in the diet (usually in excess) an increase in insulin in the body is caused. This hormone does transform nutrients into energy but the one that does not burn is stored in the form of fat. Hence, diets low in carbohydrates and with restrictions in the intake of sugar facilitate control and weight loss.

After those 10 days that the famous couple had imposed, JLo has published a photo next to a fireplace with the spectacular change that has been made with the diet. A marked abs (also of course the result of the exercise that he usually does) that the diet has helped him to define and a face of full satisfaction after having overcome the challenge.

JLo's '10 days challenge 'has gone viral and promises that he will do it periodically. Could you also overcome this detox challenge?

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