A young Indonesian is stabbed in the neck by a needlefish (and lives to tell)

Two young Indonesians They went fishing in their boats as they used to do for fun. Muhammad Idul and your friend Sardi They went out at night, taking advantage of the silence and tranquility of the Java Sea to find good fish, but what happened surpasses fiction. Sardi was with his boat in front and, a few meters away, Muhammad followed him: a little less than 500 meters from the beach, they launched their rods … when a fish literally stabbed Muhammad in the neck.

In full darkness, Muhammad noticed how something with a terrible force it stuck in his neck and, by the power he carried, he pulled him out of the boat in the direction of the sea. He began to desperately ask for help from his friend, who hooked him with his boat and took him to the shore. When they both arrived at the beach, with some more light, they discovered what had happened: the young man had a impressive specimen of needlefish stuck in his neck.


It was a fish of more than 75 centimeters long, whose elongated and sharp beak, similar to a needle, had gone to the young man's neck. Muhammad tried to remove it with his hands when he reached the shore, something that Sardi prevented him from trying to contain the bleeding as well as possible. After notifying the young man's father, he drove him by car agony almost 90 minutes trip to the hospital, where he managed to take Muhammad into a really incredible state of health for what had happened to him.

After more than an hour and a half on the way to the Bau-Bau hospital, the doctors were impressed with what they were seeing. The young man arrived at the hospital with the fish nailed to the neck, to which hugged to prevent the injury could go to older. There, doctors managed to separate the body of the fish from the head, reducing the pressure it exerted, but did not have the material to extract the beak, so it had to go to another major hospital, that of Wahidin Sudirohusodo.

There, the medical services were impressed with what they were seeing, ensuring that it was the first similar case they had received. After an hour of surgery, in which they had to intervene five different specialists, the doctors managed to extract the beak of the needlefish from the young man's neck. Today, he recovers normally in the hospital, after having lived an experience that will be difficult for him to forget throughout his life.

A week after what happened, Muhammad thinks he knows the real reason why the needlefish attacked him. Remember that, a few seconds before the attack, his friend Sardi lit the flashlight he was carrying in his boat: "I need to be more careful next time. The needlefish cannot tolerate lightThat's why he jumped out of the water and stabbed me, "he said in statements to 'BBC.' An unusual attack that could cost the life of this young Singaporean.