"A trip without return": this way she managed to lose 36 kilos this woman

"I was not well, I knew I had to change something ": This sums up Allie Burk his enormous process of thinning. I did not have Energy, he explains always, he felt bad and could not even spend the time he really thought necessary with your loved ones because his health and situation did not allow it. Weighed a total of 100 kilos. This is how it started this trip on which he embarked to be able to return to being who it had been in another time.

In December of 2017 it was when, according to 'Pop Sugar', Allie decided to start run and exercise. At that time he did not change his diet, he kept eating what he wanted. "I was a little better," he argues, "but it was not enough." It was by pure chance, seeing a program on television, when he ran into the keto diet and began to take an interest in her.

Cardio and diet keto

The keto diet is controversy, low in carbohydrates and high in fats. He discovered it in 1921 the endocrine Henry Rawle Geyelin, and focuses on the intake of more foods rich in proteins and fats and the restriction of sugars and carbohydrates in order to generate a situation of ketosis -Excess of ketones in the blood- similar to fasting. The result is a calorie burning and weight loss relatively fast compared to a traditional diet.

"I started to investigate and I was hooked," he says. Established a start date to start eating in a different way: on May 7, 2018. "At first I thought it would cost me a lot and I would end up leaving but the truth is that I have not looked back since then". Of the 36 kilos total that has been lost, ensures that 20 come exclusively from this regime.

I'm very proud of myself. Before I could not go to the pool or take pictures

"The fundamental thing is to change the way of thinking, I used to see food as a reward, now it's a fuel and a healing mechanism"Eat whole foods and fresh products. On a typical day you usually eat cheese with avocado, eat a light salad, take a snack that has sausage and for dinner choose salmon burger or cooked brussels sprouts with butter. "If you're planning to go out, check out the menu to make sure you have options. "

Ensures that there is no que obsess over calories because then it is very difficult to establish a long-term plan. "Yes, I tell them from time to time, but not always, only when I feel stuck in losing weight and I need to go back to calculate my portions"What it does do is weigh itself every day to see the effect that different foods They have in your body, depending on the time of the month.

A trip without return

"It's being a continuous learning because before, as soon as he exercised, he believed that he could eat as much as he wanted. " the keto diet, he went back to sport again, three times a week, because he loves the energy that that gives him. Usually average cardio time and continue with a leg workout, which are your heel of Achilles but he likes to tone up a lot.

His greatest victory? Without a doubt, to recover the lost confidence. "I was very embarrassed," he says. "I could not take pictures or go to the pool, he avoided even the most normal things. "His biggest motivation now is to compare images from his previous era because they remind him how far he has come emotionally and physically." I feel like a completely new person, "he says. very proud of myselfI can run without problems and I feel strong. "