A surgeon recommended the best exercises to heal your spine before it's too late

The Back pain It is one of the most frequent; and that can be explained in large part by the bad habits we have become accustomed with time, such as spending so many hours in front of the computer.

On a symbolic level, the back represents the support of life. It is what allows us to be in balance. Therefore, when some emotion is blocked, discomfort may also appear that manifest in the form of physical symptoms.

The truth is that, for whatever reason, back pain can be very annoying and even make it difficult to continue our routine in a normal way.

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In recent decades, the average time in which people suffer from back pain has increased by 54% worldwide. This number shows how important it is to do something about it before it is too late.

"Our health is in our hands", Nikolai Amosov, a prominent surgeon, inventor and writer, used to say. Keeping that in mind can help us avoid serious problems in the future.

Amosov created his own set of exercises aimed at this problem, and demonstrated its effectiveness with his own body: he lived a long life, healed his spine, strengthened his muscles and avoided joint problems.

Learn the exercises recommended by this innovative surgeon to heal your spine. It is recommended to start with four or five exercises, doing 10, 15 or 20 repetitions of each.

1. Exercise on a chair

1. Lie on a chair on your abs, face down.

2. Join hands behind head.

3. Put your legs straight. You can rest them on a sofa if you need it.

4. Tension your entire body so that it is parallel to the floor.

5. Lift the upper part of the torso as much as possible, tilting the lower back.

6. Repeat 10 times.

2. Yoga flex


3. Raise your legs and carry them behind the head. Touch the ground with your feet.

4. Repeat 10 times.

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3. Bring the palm of your hand behind your back

1. Stand straight.

2. Raise your arm, bend your elbow and bring your hand towards your back.

3. Touch the opposite shoulder blade with your palm. Your head may move slightly to the side.

4. Repeat 10 times with each hand.

4. Shake the body

1. Get on all fours, in a crawling position. Relax your back.

2. Start moving your body by doing a quick flex with the help of your arms and elbows.

3. Perform this exercise for 30 to 60 seconds.


1. Lie on your back.

2. Take your knees with your hands and push them towards your chest.

3. Start balancing your body back and forth.

4. Repeat 10 times.


1. Lie on your stomach.

2. Your arms should be stretched to the sides of your body.

3. Raise your head and chest, and hold that position for three seconds.

4. Repeat this exercise three times.

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